Friday, November 29, 2019

My letter to Santa for 2019

Dear Santa, 
You have been so tolerant with me in the past! I know basically, I can be a pain. Because of my long history of being a basic Christmas-snozzz, I was hesitant to write. But thought I'd best come forward before the elves do their rounds in December. This year what I’d like for gifts are: (Reference pages 1 - 215)…..I know these are huge changes, so you'll probably have to enter a new data card for me under your records. I thought I'd better bring these crucial changes forward....and with so many children to work with and your elves stretched all over the world. 

Am not sure if I go under "naughty" or "nice," but hopefully you'll still find me in your data base. I've been with you a long time. Please, not so much coal again. I have wagons full from years past.  (But should I be doing more introspection?) 

I'm specially blessed all year to know my friends and family, so those are the gifts which make my year special. Wanted to take the time to thank each of my friends for putting up with me and reframing from adding MORE coal to my gifts.  

Thank you again for your tolerance. If you need an extra ink cartridge to change all my new entries under your e-mail lists, I've got an extra one. 
Much love, 
your fan, 

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