Friday, January 30, 2015

In this WB5 News Segment in San Diego the producers had me go to a local shopping mall. They televised my reading random people. In this picture an older man stopped and frowned at me. His particular mustache shape indicated someone who would be 'stoic' on the outside but a 'marshmallow' on the inside. I said this to the couple, and he burst out laughing. And she nodded "Yes!"

       On a local News Show (KUSI) I was a frequent visitor. The two news anchors are
asking me about a current political race and who what the faces of the candidates say about
their personalities. One such Show, taken from morning News talks about Obama and
his strengths as President. For anyone interested that Show appears on along with twenty other ones on various topics from Romance, Careers, Management, Soul Age, Spiritual Development and even one on What Freckles Mean!

     Years ago Luara Buxton and I did about 20 Shows on a morning talk Show San Diego favorite called, "InSide San Diego." About once a month I'd show up discussing a different topic. It was always amazing to me when someone would recognize me from the Show and want their Face 'read.' I'd be in the Von's frozen food section of a different town near-by, and mothers would bring up their children for me to read their faces. It's fun to do something that is accurate, helps families understand each other better, and brings more self-awareness!

         Years ago there was a national TV Show called "Essentials" featured on The Learning Channel. Here I am doing a live Face Reading with an audience member I've never met. Everyone was excited, and the Sessions were great fun! On a similar Show, reading live studio members, (Tammy Faye Show), an older man came up, and his ear was very big on the bottom 2/3. This is the facial feature for someone who goes camping and fishing. So, I asked him if he did this every week-end, and he nodded "YES" to the amazement of the audience!

This is from one of the TYRA BANKS Shows on Face Reading. It was a great thrill to go to New York and be with her various times on her Shows. To see the Videos of these, please go to OR the Home Page on this site. In our Shows I analyzed her face "What Tyra's Face Says" and also discussed Romance "(S)he lies on Dates." In another one, I was on a Guest Panel of expert who answered questions from studio audience members.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

     One of the TYRA BANKS Shows we did in New York. Great fun! 

       If you are interested in seeing some of the Videos (75 national/local TV shows include:
"Home and Family" HALLMARK TV, TYRA BANKS,  NBC Nightly News, The Learning Channel, The Young and the Restless, InSide San Diego, KUSI, FOX 5, KGTV, please go to the Home Page of this website and Click on "Television." On, there are currently about 3/4 of a million viewers watching the 20+ videos I have recorded there. Topics include: "Romance - Is (s)he the one?" "Tyra's Face - What does it Say?" "Freckles! What do they mean?" "President Obama's Face" "The Career you were Born to do!" "(S)he lies on Dates" "Dangerous Facial Features - How to Date Safely on the Internet" "The Faces of the Saints" "How to Spot a Cheater" "Live Studio Audience Face Readings" "How to Read 'Soul Age' " "Children's Faces."

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