Sunday, April 30, 2017

NEW - May 2017 - FACE READING PHOTO BOOKS by Barbara

For people who want to study Face Reading I have 7 NEW books, which are PHOTO books - of facial features of famous people (politicians, actors, saints, criminals, etc.) with a photo and the major facial feature identified on the page, so you can learn this ancient science quicker. I use them to teach students internationally.
These are NOT sold anywhere else but by me, and they are NOT on my website. (All are PDF only and will be sent to you by e-mail.) Four of the books are about 120+ pp each/photos. TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $230. NOW! on SALE for $100 (includes $10 FACE CHART + Brown FACE READING book $25/value) To let me know you are interested, write to me on, and I will explain how you can enter the payment on my website: to purchase these.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Thought for the day....

"The two basic qualities of warriors are sustained effort and unbending intent."
by Carlos Castaneda | Artist unknown

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Face Reading - The Intuitive Key to DATING!

Single? Dating on the Internet? Face Reading will give you the short-cut keys to know if you are romantically compatible with the person you are dating!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's character from his or her Facial Features. Every feature has at least three psychological meanings for someone who has it, and in Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, (my brown book on this site for $20-$25)  on I  look at over 200 features and give their psychological meanings. Also, the NEW PDF on "Romance" outlines specific features to look for in an ideal mate ($12 on this site).
       A news anchor, Laura Buxton, once told me, "If only I had know about you when it came to men, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!"

The LIPS and the CHEEK areas will show the degree of feeling and personal warmth your date will be able to give you. Here are some Cheek and Lip types and what they mean!

Cheek Types:
ROUND CHEEKS - warm, loving, caring, big heart
FLAT CHEEKS - might be more mentally oriented, analytical, slow to express intense emotions
HIGH CHEEK BONES - loves to travel, wants to be self-employed, high spirited

Lip Types:
LARGE, WIDE MOUTH - (Pres Obama) generous, affectionate, warm hearted
TINY MOUTH - (Henry 8th) self absorbed, has rich fantasy life, may be dangerous to cross swords with
THIN UPPER LIP, BIG LOWER LIP - person who takes in information and doesn't gossip, good with personal confidences
HUGE LOWER LIP - (Elvis) sensual, sultry

It's important to look at the whole face and combine all the features together. The above gives only general meanings.  Check out my 20 TV Shows on, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook ("Face Reading - Barbara Roberts")

(c) Copyright, February 1, 2017. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 - On Barbara Roberts’ BOOK "Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance" sells in paperback US (only) or internationally on (PDF/IPAD).

Want a  PERSONAL READING with Barbara (Skype)? Are you in your Best career? Is (s)he the One for you? An Intuitive + spiritual Reading to heal the past so you can move forward. (

Barbara Roberts has read 10,000 faces in her 35 years as a Face Reader and has been on 75 national/local TV/Radio Shows (1 million people watching on Her 500 Classes include the US Navy, Wells Fargo, Fortune 500, Jenny Craig, and YMCA. Her background is clinical medical research (USCD - co-winner of the Hewing Medical Award), which helped her develop this accurate system of reading a person’s character - the only one to honor all ethnic groups.

Her book contains 250+ facial features with their psychological meanings! Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of understanding a person's character from his facial features. Your face is a physical-emotional map of who you are and where you are going. The body-mind is constantly recording mental, emotional, physical patterns and inner longings in our facial features.

By understanding your facial cues, you will gain direct insight about your deepest self. Being in touch with our true nature brings peace, hope and life purpose. Face Reading will help you decode your face's messages about your best career, your ideal love match, and your special life gifts.

Before Dr. Sigmand Freud introduced Psychology, Face Reading was the only system used throughout the world to understand people, choose business partners, and create happy marriages. Abraham Lincoln chose his cabinet using this system. The Greek philosopher Aristotle hand-selected the generals for Alexander the Great, who won dominion over the whole world. Learn the insights they knew for your own personal success and happiness!

Barbara Roberts' brown book is on Sale at!

Monday, October 17, 2016


     Face Reading looks at facial features to determine character. After looking at 10,000 people in 30 years, I've developed 'patterns of personality'. After receiving multiple e-mails, I've decided to respond about the Election. Who would be the better leader?                          
                   - 2016 - TRUMP vs. CLINTON - WHAT DO THEIR FACES SAY? -
TRUMPS'S FACE? Trump's face closely resembles Mussolini - the dictator of Italy who was a friend of Hitler. The pear shaped face indicates someone who is moody; the short forehead -- someone who is street smart but very impulsive. The extended lower lip facial feature reveals a man who is sultry and inappropriately sexual. Small eyes mean attention to detail, hyper vigilant. Wide cheeks are a facial feature that indicates the person is very confident, but can be overbearing when challenged. As a leader he would appeal to the fiery aspect of the American go-to spirit, but he would be hard to resign in for the delicate aspects needed to successfully carry out foreign policy.
CLINTON’S FACE? Face Reading shows her 6 areas of rounding, indicating a person who is Feeling based - would like to hear/see what the needs are of others, and the lips's shape show fairness, but not necessarily a lot of personal warmth. The width of the face between her two ears suggests a very strong will. The lower eye area is flat, a feature face reading says reflects personal trust issues. Hillary's eye color is one of mental curiosity and strong opinions. The rounding in the chin show a love of children. Great nasolabial lines (those lines which go circling around the mouth) reveal excellent communication skills. Highly verbal, forceful, dynamic. Strong leader with the capacity to hear and understand ethnic diversity.
* Overview: From a Facial Feature reading ONLY - the better candidate for 2016 is HILLARY CLINTON.                     

History of Face Reading + Politics - Years ago at Clinton's Inauguration, I was on the TV’s Morning News being asked “What do Clinton's facial features reveal about his future Presidency?” At the time we wanted a strong leader, and the rounding in his face showed a 'soft approach' in his ability to lead. And from the left side of Clinton's face (his personal life) I prophesied in his Presidency he would 'try to manipulate the American public' and that then 'the whole country will turn on him, and he wouldn’t like it!’ Enter Monica Lewinsky….

For more information on Face Reading please see my Website: 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gift Ideas for the Special Someone on Halloween!

Eel's leg - with fin $8
             - without fin $9
Witches' brew - with caffeine added $13
                     - regular - decaf - $11
Hawk's egg - fresh boiled $8
                 - raw $5
Spells and curses - in English - manual is $25
                         - in languages your client won't recognize $55
Sparrow's tooth - original $14
                       - cleaned up $16
Casting out of Devils - $45 (for one)
                              - $99 (Mary Magdeline special)
Saying prayers - $10/each - jobs/romance/wealth/health
                      - $100/everything included under the Sun
                      - $250/everything included in the Universe
Blue dust - organic $11/pound
              - regular $8/pound (includes match fibers)
Baptisms - if all the above does not work - $59
              - if all the above does work - $49
Special orders on request: owls optional, cauldron extra, 
              *I refuse to dress up as a wizard, but would
               consider with $500 deposit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

At what better time will you be able to change your habits of thinking
than now? Will there ever be a magical time when you have no problems? Probably not for folks who are highly capable.

The hope and recovery is transcending our OWN negativity,
(moodiness, reactiveness to bad people/situations) so that
inside we are happy. 

Even if today you change ONE interaction and make it positive
instead of negative, that is a VICTORY. 

Everyone has a different test, and they are ALL important. It's where our destiny has brought us that we must fight for Inner Mastery.
What else is there?