Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Letter from Face Reading Client to Barbara

"Since the last time we spoke, I feel like that I have been transformed for the better. You provided valuable insight to me about myself and my life direction. I have worked on myself since the last time we spoke mainly changing my thinking to become very positive. My family and I love this change in me. I want to know so much more about me and how I can get connected with my subconscious."

Saturday, December 19, 2015

My Letter to Santa for 2015 - Barbara Dear Santa, You have been so tolerant with me in the past! I know basically, I can be a pain. Because of my long history of being a basic Christmas-snozzz, I was hesitant to write. But thought I'd best come forward before the elves do their rounds in December. This year what I’d like is: (Reference pages 1 - 215)…..I know these are huge changes, so you'll probably have to enter a new data card for me under your records. And I know this will particularly limit your creative range. But I thought I'd better bring these crucial issues forward....and with so many children to work with and your elves stretched over the world. Am not sure if I go under "naughty" or "nice," but hopefully you'll still find me in the data base. I've been with you a long time. Please, not too much coal again. I have so much from years past. It might be handy though as you now I know have a wood burning stove. You, of course, were planning ahead in the past 10 years giving me so much of a coal stock-pile - very forward thinking of you!? (But should I be doing more introspection if I'm still getting wagons of coal?) I'm specially blessed all year to know my friends and family, so those are the gifts which make my year special. Wanted to take the time to thank each of my friends for putting up with me and reframing from adding MORE coal to my gifts. (I’ve ripped out so many stockings in the past from your generous gifts of those black nuggets, Santa!) Thank you again for your tolerance. If you need an extra ink cartridge to change all my new entries under your e-mail lists, I've got an extra one. Much love, your fan, Barbie

Saturday, December 12, 2015

What did Jesus look like?

At the holy season of his birth, our minds are turned to the presence of Christ that we might draw closer to him in a personal way. We feel him in our hearts and want to know him better. We are used to understanding people as we look at their faces. So what did Jesus look like? In art history around the world, all cultures portray Jesus differently. In the Orient, mosaics of him show him with upward slanted eyes and black hair. In the West, sometimes we see him as blonde and blue eyed. One of the Catholic mystics, Catherine Emmerick, who herself received the Stigmata (like St. Francis of Assisi - which confirms her deep, close relationship with Christ) - said that he had 'blonde' hair in her first Volume about his life and teachings. Another mystic, saint who saw Christ in Visions said the artist's Hoffman painting of Christ (the one often found in churches) is the closest portrayal to his face. What can we see in his facial features from that painting? The magnificent, compassionate eye texture in this painting reveal depth of holiness and Divine Love for all. His hair is curly and dark; his eye color brown, as might have who was born in Israel. His face is radiant and loving, and for ages other artists have conveyed the same holiness - Rembrandt, Titian, Raphael. The face shape is long, but not too narrow. This is the shape of a teacher and guide. The forehead is high, which conveys depth of wisdom. The mouth area is soft and full, which is kindness and affectionate. What a great personal witness the painting Hoffman gave us in the beautiful face of Christ. Full of Divine Love and Blessings for the world. May your own holiday season be filled with this Divine Love, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, or following another spiritual way. Blessings, Barbara

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Face Reading Letter I got yesterday from CANADA....re: a reading I did!

Hi Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session today. My sister, mom and I all enjoyed meeting you so much. You are such a lovely person and what you do is amazing. I think that what you told my mom was very helpful and also very accurate. I really wanted her to hear positive attributes about herself from someone after being told so much negative for much of her life. She loved the time she had with you and I hope that she can use your insight to help her live a more peaceful and happy life. Take care, Susan