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More Book Reviews from AMAZON.COM on (brown) FACE READING book!

                                                     Very Helpful Book, October 13, 2009
By Jeff L. Calcara (Cardiff by-the-Sea, CA) -
Well written, and offers much clearly-presented and useful information. Highly recommended. I have studied face reading for more than twenty years and find it to be a very accurate and helpful field of study.
                                                Fascinating and useful, September 14, 2009
By Elizabeth Doak -

Barbara Roberts provides much in this short book!! As a psychologist I find her book eminently useful, it provides me with helpful hypotheses, and is strikingly accurate.

                                                            Amazing book! Mark M., PhD, September 12, 2009
By Mark P. Malay, LMFT (Oceanside, CA)

I have been attending Barbara's face reading classes on and off for the last 15 years. Barbara consistently demonstrates a depth of understanding others and doing so with great accuracy and finese. She is warm, compassionate and nurturing to her class. This book is an extension of those qualities.

This book is the third edition I have read over the years and by far the best to date. The lay out style makes it a quick read allowing for quick uptake and application of basic concepts. Plus she includes sections with more challenges and in-depth insights. There are exercises and worksheets that engages the reader allowing for enhanced skill development. Plus she offers a little coaching on how the novitiate can approach others. Of course, the end result is a better understanding of one's self as well as others.

                                    Single folks can save time w/this knowledge!, September 9, 2009
By M. Nickell (Solana Beach) -

This books is not only incredibly helpful understanding bosses, family, friends and associates, I find it most useful for those of us seeking a life partner! This provides me w/another tool when trying to decide who is worth investing my time getting to know and perhaps better understand other's characteristics. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

                                                           Amazing Book!!!, August 26, 2009
By N. Vicente -

This book was a great read. It was well laid out and very user friendly. Barbara did a great job of making the concept of face reading something anyone can do. She is an amazing writer and I have read some of her previous work. I have gone to some of her face reading sessions and since our first meeting I have utilized this skill. I found her stories to be fascinating and I cannot wait for her next piece of work to come out. This book is truly a must have.

                                                     Facinating and informative, August 13, 2009
By Nancy Hunter -
I found this fascinating...the graphic pictures and explainations made it very easy to understand. It is fun and interesting to be able to know people better just by looking more closly at the facial characterisitcs the auther described. I started to see my co-workers differently..loved it. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

                                                               Fascinating Read, August 11, 2009
By J. L. Levin -
I loved reading this book! It was my first foray into "face reading". Barbara does a wonderful job breaking down the information with clear examples. Anyone who is interested in people and getting along with others should read it.

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