Monday, June 13, 2011

ASHLEY, The (current) Bachlorette - Will she find love?

Well, I am a fan of ALI and ROBERTO and the first contestants: Trish and Ryan. I think we all followed that season with bated breath! They all have sincerity, a sense of personal genuineness. Ashley is pretty, sensual (most of the TV takes involve her kissing each guy), but in my gutt (and with my face reading skill - looking at 6,000 people's faces) I don't believe there is going to be a happy ending to this season's episode. Yes, JP is a 'great kisser' and Ryan looks the most like her (meaning that their personalities MIGHT be compatible), but she doesn't come across with much inner character for the guys to really find out who she really is. ALI, who I had the pleasure of meeting on FOX 5 Morning News (see my website: when she interviewed me on  TV - topic "Romance.") was my favorite of all the people who've been with Chris on these Shows. You could feel she was a real person - bright, kind and warm hearted. I don't think Ashley's going to stay with any of these men (or them with her after this season is over). My instincts are fairly good in this area (predicting 8 marriages out of 8,) so let's see what happens?

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