Wednesday, January 11, 2012 readers comment on Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance

"Best I've Read on this subject; the author shows she knows her craft exceptionally well."
     I received the book quickly, and it is the best I have read so far. I am slowly trying to digest it. This is a topic I have studied for years, but this is a different approach to the subject that makes a lot more sense than the other books I have read. This author obviously knows her craft exceptionally well, and is therefore able to communicate this effectively in the book, so that the reader leaves not only understanding, but being able to apply the various principles with practice and study. Sandy Farmer, Half Moon Bay California

"Amazingly helpful" By Nikki (San Diego)
     I am new to Barbara's books and classes. She was recommended to me by a friend and from the Tyra Banks program. This book is extraordinary clear, precise and accurate. Not only have I learned more about reading other people, but I have learned some very helpful insights about myself. I have gained insight into some of my own characteristics, like why I am able to spend money freely. I have also learned why some of my relationships with people (bosses, friends, family) in my life have either worked or haven't. It is also fun to watch TV or read People Magazine to learn more about actors by using the knowledge I've gained from Barbara's book and to predict whether or not relationships will work out!
"Wonderful! Amazing! Right on!" By Adreienne
     Barb's system in her book is based on facts (and is accurate) not heresay. You can discover the hidden truth in each person through their face. I found this enlightening. Loved reading it!!

    In my medical practice, Face Reading has given me a more profound insight into people's symptoms, these may be related and how to help people live fuller lives on many levels. Meeting Barbara has been a blessing in my life both personally and professionally. I have enjoyed her workshops as well as her consultations. You inevitably come away with lifelong invaluable tools. - E. Llorente, MD, Fountain Valley, California

     Barbara’s face reading work helped me immediately – in understanding my patients and staff. Hers is AMAZING work! Fascinating and easy to understand. I enthusiastically recommend this to anyone who wants to understand people at a glance! - C.King, MD

    In my individual session with Barbara, she directed me to my life’s work, which I would not have thought of my own. I couldn’t be happier with the peace and fulfillment it has brought me. I am doing what I love! - R. Winrow, Owner of European Skin Centre.

     I am so impressed by the accuracy of (Barbara’s) book... Simply amazing. I can hardly believe I didn't know about this before. I have been seeing people so differently since studying the book and am so excited to have additional insight into my own life.- J. Borba Von Stauffenberg, San Diego, California

     Barbara is an amazing teacher. She took the ancient knowledge and converts it into an easy to learn and use technology for today. I was able to apply hat I learned immediately to both business and personal life. - N. Johnson, Owner of National Marketing Company

     I applied all I learned from Roberts’ books, and it has totally changed the way I view people and situations!!!– D. Che, L.A. Producer, Hollywood, California

     I work with a lot of people each day, actually about 100. I meet all sorts of personalities. I use these skills with my clients and co-workers. I wish I had read her books years ago. It would have helped me with my personal and professional life a lot!!!– Q. Doan, San Diego, California

     Thank you all for your kind words! :) Barbara

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