Sunday, April 15, 2012

What YOUR HAIR COLOR reveals about YOU!

     Curly? Straight? Fine? Thick? Hair - Everything means something according to Face Reading's ancient 2,000 year old psychological system. HAIR COLOR and TEXTURE are important as a way of describing the REAL you! Does it matter if your color is natural or 'from the salon?' No - it's the color YOU like (unless your salon person really blew it, and you're not a Blue hair type personality?!) - Usually your color will reflect your inner qualities.

     Here are some general meanings for each HAIR TYPE from the Face Reading system: (Keep in mind that for a character analysis you need to see all the facial features and put them together. See - Brown book on this site - Face Reading - How to Read Anyone at a Glance)
Curly hair - fun loving, creative
Straight hair - direct, straightforward, serious
Fine hair - sensitive, nervous/digestive system may register stressors
Thick hair - love of the outdoors, resilent
Brown hair - family oriented, warm, generous
Blonde hair - fun, independent
Red hair - dynamic, firey, emotional
(c) Copyright, 2011. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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