Sunday, June 17, 2012

The (Electric) Power of Prayer

      With my heavy laundry basket nestled on my hip, I made my way to the laundry room on the property where I rented a small cottage.  My landlord approached to tell me that the washing machine wasn’t working.  Apparently, the electricity had gone out, and they were unable to find the breaker switch to get the washing machine back on.  Although she had owned the house for over four years, she had never needed to know where the breaker switch was.  It was hidden so well, in fact, that they had been searching for it for three days with no success. 
Upon hearing the news, I placed my laundry on the ground. 

      The thought came to me, “Lord, YOU know where the switch is.  Show me where it is!”  I then approached the washing machine, and my arm instinctively extended and tapped the wall of the adjacent cottage.  I distinctly heard a metal “click” sound.  I continued my exploration and crawled behind the cottage…where I discovered a metal box clearly labeled:  “Laundry Room Breaker Switch”.

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