Wednesday, July 18, 2012

JULY - My 2 NEW Booklets on KINDLE!

My NEW PDF Kindle booklet on
      This booklet is called PRAYER ENCOUNTERS and describes stories of Miracles in our own time. Judy prays over a Los Angeles woman, and God brings her back from two comas. A Seattle CEO is guided back from death on the surgical table. Prayers of Forgiveness and Release free a karmic, medical situation and bring ultimate healing for a mother.  Hands-on "How to Pray" keys that you can use for your own life. (It's 99 cents)

Also, my NEW PDF Kindle booklet on called:
      FACE READING - Stories the Face Can Tell. (also 99 cents)
A short booklet of new (and old) true stories from the lives of the 10,000 people's faces I've read over 25 years. Fun, deep, insightful. Enjoy!

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