Saturday, January 19, 2013


I answered my cell phone one afternoon to hear the voice of my friend Krista sobbing,
“Jeff’s just had a heart attack, and they’ve rushed him to the hospital.” Her
husband, a top CEO in Seattle, had been in good health. “Please pray for him!” she
cried uncontrollably. “I’m really scared.”

This humble, kind man had mentored and guided so many over the years and had
helped hundreds of homeless and hopeless people find jobs. I loved him like a brother
and Krista like a sister. After she and I had prayed together over the phone, I sat in
meditation and asked God to watch over Jeff and bless him. 

With loving confidence and with the unwavering conviction that God had complete control over this 
man's life, I immersed myself in prayer. Suddenly, a strong, intuitive feeling told me that Jeff was going to die on the operating table. From the depths of my soul, I silently pleaded with God, “NO, NO, NO — don’t take him! Keep this man alive! He has too much to live for. He is not ready to go!” Then, my intensity and urgency vanished, giving way to serenity and peace.

At the point between the eyebrows, the center of God consciousness, I inwardly saw
a clock that read 2:00 and sensed that the surgeon had just realized that Jeff was in
more danger than he initially suspected. I saw Jeff being given more anesthesia as
the physician inserted two stents to make the walls of his heart stronger. Through the
grace of God, I felt Jeff being energetically pulled back from death.

A few weeks later after Jeff had returned home and was able to receive visitors, I told
him what I had seen. Astonished, he replied, “After I had recovered, the doctor told
me that I had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. It was right at 2:00 when he realized
I was dying, and he changed the course of my surgery. If not for your prayers, I
know I would not be here today. I’ve always been an atheist, but this experience has
changed me.”

(c) Copyright, August 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved. (For more stories see: "Prayer Encounters" on Kindle -

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