Sunday, February 24, 2013

Question: "I'm shy, what features show (s)he will be a loyal friend?"

     Because Face Reading is a spiritual/psychological system of understanding a person's character from his/her facial features, it can help us to understand others on a very deep level. Barbara Roberts has appeared on over 50+ national/local TV Shows reading live studio audiences. Her book looks at friendship and romance and gives specific clues to how to choose friends or a life partner who matches your inner life goals and your personality. (Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance is on - PDF/IPAD/paperback)
     Every facial feature has a corresponding psychological meaning(s) and the face has at least 10 features which must be understood together to reveal a person's true inner nature. This system is universal for people of all ethnic backgrounds, ages and genders.
     Tyra Banks said of Barbara: "I thank you for coming on my Shows and want to applaud your honoring ethnic diversity in all ways in your work."
     There are several facial features that specific for kindness, warmth and sympathy. These include a rounded forehead line (someone who loves people and is a friend-magnet), full cheeks (feeling-sympathetic person), full lips (generous and affectionate), a wide mouth (loving).
     In friendship we also seek to be heard, listened to, and features that are outstanding for that are: Large ears (someone who tunes into the big picture), long earlobes (spiritual, truth seeker), and a rounded ball on the tip of the nose (indicates a person who people talk to.) Also, it's nice if your new friend has a narrow upper lip and a full lower lip, which means someone who does not repeat or gossip about what you are telling them.
     The eyes play a key role in our friend having the same 'vision' as we do - The optimum is a clear gaze, one which is full of compassion and bright eyes. Of course, when we are ill the eyes are dull so it's nice to see a person over time to determine if (s)he will be compatible for you as a friend.
     Some psychological tendencies related to eye colors - Topics the person may be interested in (as Patterns in personality): Green eyed people are curious and love to learn. Often folks with hazel eyes are easily bored, like a lot of variety and enjoy topics of healing and insight. Blue/grey eyed people may be analytical with the emotions and interested in why people do what they do and psychology. When a Caucasian person has brown hair and brown eyes it is an indicator of 'family first' and warmth and friendliness if you become part of their extended 'family.'
     Some other features which are sweet are a rounded chin and jaw area, which means love and children and animals. Someone who is loving in their life will also be loving with you. In friendship as in romance, it is important to move slowing emotionally - getting to know a person over time in a variety of situations.
     And a very lovely affirmation given by the yogi Yogananda is:
"As I radiate love and good will to others, I open the channel for God's love to flow to me. Divine Love is the magnet that draws to me all good."
(c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts. January 14, 2012. All rights reserved.

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