Monday, September 8, 2014

True Story - Spiritual Intuition

Lori, my boss at Sanders College, did an excellent job supervising accounting courses like the one I teach. Over tea one day she privately shared with me her distress over eminent budget cuts and financial set-backs including her staff’s salaries. “I’ve two kids to put through college. I’m not sure our family can make ends meet with the changes at the College.”

As she was a spiritually deep woman, I suggested we pray and ask for God’s guidance about this situation. As we focused an idea came to me, “Lori, have you applied to Riverton College (the rival school with a similar accounting program)? I see you getting the Director job there instead!”
Lori expressed that that was an impossibility as there was no job opening at Riverton College for what she does. Within two weeks Human Resources at Riverton posted a job for Director of Accounting services. Lori applied along with fifteen others. After three weeks  she phoned to update me.

“There were four Interviews with so many qualified candidates for the job. Every time I got nervous about being selected, I remembered what you saw. Well, I’m calling you now — even before I call my Mom! — to let you know I got the job as Director! Thank you!”

(c) Copyright, August, 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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