Monday, March 23, 2015

A Reader's Experience of my book.....

Comment from a Reader on my Face Reading book:

"OMG Barbara, I could not believe what I read and was extremely stunned about the meaning of my protruding middle area of my ears. I always knew, that this has more meaning than what I have learned so far, but could never get as close as you described it in your book. I am amazed! When I tell you, that I was already interested in medicine and played obsessive doctor as a child. Then after high school I studied medicine and worked in several hospitals, but early on I could tell there is more to healing than Western medicine, so I branched off to Naturopath/alternative medicine and I am in my own holistic healing practice for almost 15 years now. All the psychological meanings do exactly apply for me and all the other statements too. Just the description of my ears alone got me hooked.
Thank you and I hope this is an other confirmation for your great job."
Much Aloha,
Brigitte Kucher

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