Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ACTORS and their Soul Ages

"Soul Age" and Actors:
Interesting current 'feud' between Ellen and Cait - Ellen, beloved by the public has a deeper Soul age and understanding of people than Cait. Ellen's radiance (from the eyes) shows sincerity, genuine concern for others. Cait, is someone we have watched make a major life change, one requiring courage and strength - also in the sexual arena - like Ellen's. The comments Cait made on the Ellen Show (per media reporting) were not particularly sensitive or insightful. Even though Cait went through this major sexual transformation did she go through spiritual and personal growth, such that she became more compassionate, tolerant or loving?
Isn't that what we hope each other when we each go through major changes...that we grow in wisdom from them? Any comments or thoughts from anyone else? I usually don't comment on the media, but I'm curious what others think?? Barbara

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