Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Even though we  look to the future thinking we will then express more of our
humanitarian qualities, there are no perfect situations.
Men have fought in wars and changed themselves so they express
velour and evenmindeness in the midst of severe trials. That is our
challenge. To become a better person in the midst of criticism, back
biting people, political negativity, darkness. 

It is for each of us to bring in the goodness within ourselves in the 
midst of darkness around us. There will always be darkness and light.
That's how the world is set up. 

We can be healthier (kinder, more generous, aware) than the people
around us. Not to be an example for anyone, but to be happier
within ourselves. 

The better we are as people, the more attuned we are with the Goodness 
in the universe. That makes for being powerful and being successful.

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