Monday, January 18, 2010

OBAMA + PALIN'S FACES - What do they show us?

Jan. 15, 2010
On I've just uploaded a TYRA BANKS SHOW about President Obama
being a "Man of Destiny" (check: Barbara Roberts/Face Reading to watch) - He has an incredibly positive face: Triangle shape = he thinks fast, moves fast. Large mouth = affectionate, generous, warm hearted, High ears = two college degrees, great memory. Radiant eyes = humanitarian.
Also, there's a second DVD on that is called:
"OBAMA and PALIN - Their Faces" done before the last Elections.
Palin's face: dynamic brown hair/brown eyes = family, family, family. Large jaw: fearless, dynamic
Wide cheek area = confident, people always assume she knows what she's doing. Chin comes forward = pushes forward against all obstacles. What's missing is the delicacy of facial features that would be needed in foreign policy when countries do not like us or where sensitivity is a major component.
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