Sunday, February 7, 2010

TYRA BANKS - Celebrity of the Week, FEB 6, 2010

Well, this last month I had the honor of being a Guest on Tyra Banks Show - two times! So, as I sat with her on live TV, I had the chance to read her face up close. Besides being, of course, gorgeous, she has a quality we call in Face Reading "shen" - an oriental word that means "Radiance."  She exudes a spiritual Goodness. Her Facial Features are: rounded forehead (means great with the public, needless to say!), lines that circle around the mouth - called naso-labial lines (which means she can talk to anyone about anything, highly articulate), green eyes (means curious, always wanting to learn), high cheek bones (love of travel, self-employed, and high spirited). All of these easily translate to a public figure who is highly verbal. Every week, for fun, I'll start looking at Who'd Who and Blog about his/her character. As they say on TV....stay tuned.

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