Thursday, March 4, 2010

1st Date? What's on His MIND? 5 Forehead Shapes + What they mean!

From  Face Reading - A (Short-Cut!) Companion to On-line Dating - Series of Blogs by Barbara Roberts (See for 10 TV Shows she did.)

     Face Reading is an ancient system of reading a person's character from facial features. Every facial feature has a corresponding psychological meaning to it. In the 6,000 faces (350 classes) I've read, there are PATTERNS in what the facial features signify.
    Forehead shapes and lines have to do with THINKING STYLE. Here are a few common ones:
TALL-WIDE forehead (President Obama) - (means:) humanitarian, thinks in big terms, strategist
SHORT forehead (Prince Harry) - impulsive, reactive
SQUARE shaped (hairline) forehead - works long hours, project oriented
ROUND shaped (hairline) forehead - people, people, people! Works well with the pubic
WIDOW'S PEAK - creative, hates to be told what to do, wants to be given the facts and then make their own project, non-conformist
VERTICAL LINE ABOVE NOSE (Winston Churchill) - goes in completely different direction than their family of origin, self-starter
THREE HORIZONTAL LINES  - parallel above the eyebrows (Bill Cosby) - $$$ wealthy! If you see that facial feature, marry him!
(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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