Thursday, March 4, 2010

John Gardner's Face (Chelsea King case) - 8 Dangerous Facial Features!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of reading a person's character from facial features.
     I've read 6,000 faces and been a Guest on 50 national/local TV/Radio Shows (TYRA BANKS,
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, THE LEARNING CHANNEL, INSIDE SAN DIEGO). After 9-11 the government asked me to do a project to identify facial features of terrorists, so I looked at hundreds of faces of FBI Most Wanted felons, Outlaws of the Old West, rapists, murderers, WW II spies, Hitlers's officers and using my skills of 25 years of face reading, outlined specific DANGEROUS facial features that were repeatably found as PATTERNS in each of their faces. (see: for TV Shows)
2009 NEW Book with ALL of the Dangerous Features: Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance by Barbara Roberts.

Here are the Dangerous Facial Features from John Gardner's face: 

(And if one or two of these are found in the normal population's faces, they are combined with good facial features, so the person is great. If however, many of these negative features are combined together, this becomes "dangerous.") ***You always look at the whole face to determine a character reading of a person.
1. The donut shape of his chin with the dimple the middle means "high sex drive."
2. The forward  jutting chin and large jaw can be "combative, aggressive."
3. The upper ear area is irregular and unusual, this meaning possible "distorted emotions."
4. The lower area of the eye is flat, which indicates "major trust issues."
5. The shape of the eyebrows is hooked (at the end), another sign for "emotional distress."
6. Small ears means he doesn't hear clearly what is happening around him. His is own "reality."
7. Horizontal line across the bridge of the nose, can be "violent."
8. Rage muscles in lower jaw are activated in his face.

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