Thursday, October 21, 2010


     Face Reading gives the inside track to why people do what they do. The case of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas was very confusing for those of us in the public - as both of them (whose stories where opposite!) could not be telling the "truth." And now Mrs. Thomas wants an "apology"? What's going on?
     The right side of a person's face reveals what they do at work, how they present themselves to the public. The left side is their private life, who they are when no one is looking, their inner character. In watching the original footage of the case, their faces tell all. The left and right sides of Judge Thomas' face were completely different. (It reminded me of OJ Simpson's face during his trial.) His right side was steady, articulate, convincing, but his left face was in shock, incredulous, shamed that he was accused.  In my opinion Judge Thomas did SOME of the things Anita Hill accused him of, (as I watched the left side of his face while he denied them all). It is my personal belief that he (like everyone to some degree) had a very dark side which he couldn't integrate with this deeply "religious, rigidly focused" personality. My thought was that he "didn't remember" what he had done so when accused of wrong doings he came across as deeply "honest and convincing." As for Anita Hill the white under the sclera of her left eye made me wonder if she exaggered many of the stories she told about his sexual harassments. I think the truth lies somewhere in Anita Hill 60% telling the truth, and Clarence Thomas 40% telling the truth.
     As to Mrs. Thomas now asking for an "apology." I wonder if her observing her "religious" husband, probably still deeply disturbed by this incident (understandably) combined with her misplaced desire to "spiritually make this right" led to this request. I feel for their family, but I don't feel her request for "an apology" brought the Thomas family the healing they are seeking. It comes across to me as naive and sad. Instead, it whipped up their unresolved horrible case that damaged both Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. It put it again in the public spotlight where no one wins, and there is no healing.

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