Saturday, October 16, 2010

From a Reader - about my book on Face Reading

To everyone— Quick question, if you could know anyone from a glance, how would that improve your life? Honestly, I wasn't sure how to answer that. About a year ago I found this book by Barbara Roberts called "Face Reading-How to know anyone at a glance." I was a totally skeptical, so I researched Barbara online. I was so surprised and impressed at what I've seen of her. I mean for a quick easy examples just check out any of her 20 videos on youtube. "" Anyways, after a lot of research I ordered one of her books and wow... I've learned soo much! and the craziest thing about it all, is how freaking accurate her books are! It's a 2,000 year old science! Her books are also the only kind that integrates every age, sex, ethnicity, which makes it so easy to learn. Even today I still study up on the topic. I just want all my friends to know that this skill has made my life so much easier, and it can help anyone out in all aspects. If your single, it can help you find person you want without wasting a lot of time with someone you'll find out that wasn't your type. You can build rapport with people so much faster and easier when you know what type of person your talking to. This can help you get a Job in this crappy economy. This will help you avoid conflicts with strangers. I've gotten soo many awesome friends knowing people that are like me before I even talk to them. You can also learn a lot about yourself as well! Like what type of career would you be the happiest in, even if you have no idea. Anyway, I think I've made my point. Any other questions, just ask me, but seriously consider one of her books. You won't regret it. P.S. She is also like the only author on to have like 100 reviews, that are ALL 5 Stars. Very Very Awesome ;) so check it out!

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