Friday, December 2, 2011

The EYES have it! How God works in small ways....

Last night when I was a church, and during the announcements, I thought I'd like some water. So from the middle of the church I left and went back into the Ladies' room. I walked in to see a woman at the basin who was clearly exasperated. She was panicing, "I've lost my contact lens in my eye, and I can't get it out." Well, it so happens that I worked in ophthamology for a year (with contact lenses no less!) and I also wear them...the same ones she had. And in the past, have also 'lost' one in the upper area of my eye - and with the gas permeable lenses, this is sort of painful, actually. So I knew exactly step by step how to help her. So I guided her for five minutes until the lens was in her hand, her eye was clear. She reinserted it back in her eye easily, and we both went and sat down for the service. Interesting how God did that, huh?

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