Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amazon.com BOOK REVIEWS of my (brown) book. 62***** Ratings!

By davis -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback);
I was in a very dark place trying to sort out what to do with my life and career, and Barbara (Roberts) was a Light on my Path. Her intutive skill enabled me to find myself and my BEST career. I feel God sent her to me as an answer to my prayers. Now abundance is pouring in. Barbara is my ANGEL!

Enlightening, July 20, 2010
By Frederique H.
I had read several books on face reading before I found Barbara's. I love the simplicity of this book. It is a quick read and it is organized as a catalogue, so you can easily refer to it later on. I like the wire-binding because the book can stay open on a table and I can write my own notes on it.
At first, I was a bit turned off by the drawings - which didn't look very human! - but I then realized how useful they were to help me remember the feature being analyzed! The photo beside each drawing also makes it very clear, when you look at a human face.
Finally, Barbara mentions the intuition part of a reading, and I am glad she insisted on this aspect because the science part is never enough with this kind of reading (I read hands, so I know)
After ordering and receiving the book, I decided to have a private reading by phone with Barbara. She is a very nice and very accommodating lady and her reading was extremely accurate. I am very happy I purchased her book and I communicated with her. Well done, Barb! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

I LOVE this book! Amazing!, July 19, 2010
By Meg -
I refer to this book all the time when I meet people. It is a great reference. A MUST buy! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

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