Sunday, September 5, 2010

The CAREER you were born to do! It's in your face!!

“In this tough economy – Are you making a job change? going back to school to retrain? a college student wanting to know your life career path? Your BEST CAREER is in your face! This 2,000 year old science of reading character says that your facial features reveal your innate talents or personal abilities.

How does it work? There are 3 parts of the face: the forehead, cheek area and jaw/chin. The forehead shows skill for that person in mental/cerebral jobs – The cheek area shows jobs which work with people’s feelings – The jaw/chin shows jobs which are physical/outdoors. The area which is the strongest or biggest shows your inner talents. Each of your facial features has a psychological meaning. The facial features below are consistent with people who are happy at these jobs. Barbara developed these patterns by looking at 6,000 people.

3 Parts of a face show your BEST CAREER: (Which are you?)
1. Mental: (Forehead) for analytical jobs, computer, medical, engineering jobs: Other Facial features - Close-set eyes, high eyebrows, tall-wide forehead, small eyes
2. Feeling: (Cheeks) for communications, teaching, real estate, counselor jobs: Facial features - Rounded forehead, large ears, thin upper lip/large lower lip, round face
3. Will: (Jaw/Chin) for physical/outdoor jobs: fireman, athlete, personal trainer,

For more information, PDF DOWNLOAD is available (near book section on this site):
"The CAREER you were born to do" $12 - facial features drawings and photos of the 4 major types of careers. Match your face to your inner talents!