Sunday, September 12, 2010

People in the KNOW review Barbara's (brown) BOOK


"A Facinating and Well Written Gem!", May 19, 2010 By L. Ghirla -
I have been interested in face reading for many years. 'Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance' really illustrates and explains this ancient art. Barbara Roberts makes it easy to see why people are the way they are!I believe it could be an invaluable tool for business and personal decisions involving people that you are not familiar with.
I also had a personal face reading with Barbara Roberts which was equally fascinating and fun! Barbara's talent is truly a gift. I highly recommend this book and a reading from Barbara Roberts.
"Best Book to Learn Facereading," May 16, 2010
By Mantradevi (Nevada City, CA USA) -

In person Barbara is a wonderful, talented face reader. She's incredibly intuitive and sees deeply into people's true natures. This book is reflective of her qualities. it's clear, concise and very insightful. Most importantly, it contains the basics for those who don't have face reading knowledge and then goes deeper into the subject for those who already have an understanding of the subject. The practice and worksheets for developing your own skills are invaluable. The whole book is easy to read, well thought out and organized. Barbara's stories are great! I've read many books on face reading and this is the best one I've come across. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

"Easy to use and help guide to understanding people," May 15, 2010 By Uddhava (Portland Oregon)

Teaching others to read faces is where this book excels. It is simply laid out and easy to follow with many illustrations and real pictures. It starts off with a questions and answer interview with Barbara. This section is fun and informative but also helps you understand why Barbara is considered an expert in this field. The next section has stories from her 20 years of experiences as a face-reader. They include stories about a woman's connection with Padre Pio, a friend of Oprah's, a morning new's show analyzing Bill Clinton's face, and several other interesting stories. The rest of the book is on faces and it's interpretation. I am finding this book extremely helpful in understanding in my everyday interactions with my friends and co-workers.

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