Saturday, November 12, 2011

How Face Reading Can Help YOU? Jobs, $, Career?

Tyra Banks TV Show Appearances:
“I loved having you on the talk shows and definitely applaud and thank you for taking a similar stand to honor ethnic diversity in all ways in your work.”
– Tyra Banks, National TV's “Top Model”

National TV Experience: “Barbara’s ability to read people’s faces is utterly incredible. It is simply uncanny. I was continually amazed.”

– V. Gloor, Supervising Producer, FOX TV

News Anchor’s Interviewing Skills: “Barbara’s Face Reading system is the single most valuable tool I know of for effective communication. I interview thousands of people, and I use these skills all the time."
– L. Buxton, Morning News Anchor, KUSI TV

Medical Application: “Barbara’s face reading work helped me immediately – in understanding my patients and staff. Hers is AMAZING work! Fascinating and easy to understand. I enthusiastically recommend this to anyone who wants to understand people at a glance!”
- C.King, MD

Career Guidance Needed: “I was in a very dark place trying to sort out what to do with my life and career, and Barbara was a Light on my Path. Her intuitive skill enabled me to find myself my best career. I feel God sent her to me as an answer to my prayers. Now abundance is pouring in. Barbara was my ANGEL.” – Davis ( Book Review)

Financial Abundance Increase: “In my individual session with Barbara, she directed me to the my life’s work, which I would not have thought of my own. I couldn’t be happier with the peace and fulfillment it has brought me. I am doing what I love!
-” Rita A. Winrow – Owner of European Skin Centre.

Marketing Company CEO Comments: “Barbara is an amazing teacher. She took the ancient knowledge and converts it into an easy to learn and use technology for today. I was able to apply hat I learned immediately to both business and personal life.”

-Natalie Johnson, Owner of National Marketing Company

25 Year NY Police Officer: ”Barbara’s work should be read by all in law enforcement.”
"I heard Ms. Roberts as a guest on SPYX (national radio) in Albany, New York… As my career advanced I noticed the ‘same’ eye pattern in drug addicts and ‘hardcore’ alcoholics. So when I heard Ms. Roberts…speaking of the meaning of the prominent sclera, I was amazed. I was astonished at the number of other ‘truths’ someone’s face showed. This book should be required reading of all new police recruits. "
- Andrew VanWagenen – Loudonville, NY (Review on

National TV Producer Says: “I applied all I learned from Roberts’ books, and it has totally changed the way I view people and situations!!!”
– D. Che, L.A. Producer, Hollywood, California

Realtor Speaks Up: “I work with a lot of people each day, actually about 100. I meet all sorts of personalities. I use these skills with my clients and co-workers. I wish I had read her books years ago. It would have helped me with my personal and professional life a lot!!!”
– Quyen T. Doan, San Diego, California

Psychotherapist Validates Accuracy: “As a psychologist I find her work eminently useful. It provides me with helpful hypotheses and is strikingly accurate.”
– Dr. E. Doak, Sacramento, California

Self-Employed Business Owner: “Everything in her work is perfect for me. I can now pick up on who I’m dealing with and know what to do with customers. B’s work gives me quick insight into people.”
 – Mike, Car Repairs from Book Review

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