Thursday, May 24, 2012

Face Reading featured on TYRA BANKS SHOW

     It was such a joy and honor to meet Tyra Banks in person. We did several shows out of New York, and she was incredible as a person. Attached is one of the short introductions to Face Reading and what makes my work unusual - both my 30 years training in clinical medicine and that my style honors all ethnic groups, ages and genders. Tyra's comment to me was very lovely:
     "I enjoyed having you on my Shows and want to thank you and applaud you  for honoring ethnic diversity in all ways in your work."
      Please see the attached video from
      (*Just cut and paste the above link to view it.) 
      To learn more about Face Reading please go to, and I have now about 440,000 views of my 20 TV Shows. And if you wish to see more about my (brown) book featured on this site: Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, on if you go to the book, you'll be able to click on "See Inside the Book" - the arrows are right above the photo of the book.

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