Monday, May 7, 2012


     For thousands of years face reading has revealed what a person is like inside based on his/her facial features. Different lips (shapes) have different psychological meanings.
       Here are some of them:
Full, wide lips (President Obama, Julia Roberts) show a person who is generous and warm hearted, affectionate. A thin upper lip with a large lower lip is someone who keeps confidences well. Great for a job in teaching, counseling, or ministry. When a person has the "Elvis Presley" lower lip - sultry and sexual, they have a sensual chemistry. Thin lips usually indicate a person who likes to stick to the facts/business and may not be a feeling type. And a very tiny mouth (smaller than/same size as the nose) can be a self-absorbed person or someone dangerous to cross swords with (Henry the 8th, the dictator of North Korea). Keep in mind, you always want to evaluate a person by seeing their whole face. For more information check out my book, FACE READING - HOW TO KNOW ANYONE AT A GLANCE on or several of my videos on my website.

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