Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st DATE? How to Know Dangerous Facial Features at a Glance

     Face September 11th I did a short project with the government to identify specific facial features found in terrorists to be used for baggage checkers at the airports. In working on the project I looked at hundreds of photos of FBI Most Wanted, murderers, gangsters, WW II spies, Hitler's Third Reich, outlaws of the Old West. In my work of over 30 years, in 6,000 faces (Guest on 50 national/local TV Shows) most people have GREAT faces. Using the system I developed to look at normal folks, I analytically reviewed photos of criminals. There are PATTERNS in the facial features found in criminals - visual cues that have nothing to do with ethnic background, age or gender.
     If you are Dating on the Internet, it is crucial that you know HOW to identify these facial features BEFORE you go on that 1st date! Given these specific visual cues, you'll be able to see them in the PHOTOS of propective dates. I've recently looked at eHarmony, Match, JDating,, and other sites, there are men and women currently on each site who have these Dangerous Facial Features.
What does that mean for YOU?
The body-mind is always recording what is happening in your emotions and your mind. Face reading is like being a tracker in the Old West - you just interprete the cues.
1. With the person looking straight ahead, the Eyes show white underneath. This area is called the sclera and is found under the colored part/pupil
2. Sunken, hollow cheek areas
3. Eyebrows that angle down towards the nose with the outer edge angling up towards the forehead
4. Unibrow, thick connected eyebrow, straight across the brow
5. Very tiny ears
6. Tiny mouth (smaller than the nose)
7. Ears that project out from the head at an unusual angle
     (For others, please see my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance on
***IMPORTANT: You must evaluate the whole face (all of the facial features!) - Having one of these might not be "dangerous" - Having 4 of these is!!

(*My own philosophy is that anyone can change if they WISH to. Even a person with a criminal past who changes his/her thinking through 12-step groups, counseling, prayer work, medical intervention/medication can change his/her facial features to reflect the new, inner positive changes.)
(c) Copyright, March 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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