Saturday, August 25, 2012

My True Story - (very humiliating!)

Sunny Side Up

A late night comedy had me riveted to my TV one humid June evening. Through the upper windows of my tree house cottage, a soft breeze moved through my bedroom. The upper windows were completely open as I hadn’t yet put the screens back on them. Out of the corner of my sight, I noticed a tail rush quickly by my leg.

“It must be the cat,” I mussed. Then I realized, I don’t have a cat…Or a dog…Or any animal! In horror, I rushed into the kitchen to see a large rat squeezing its body through a floor hole.

The next morning, fearful of encountering a rat scurrying over my toes, I apprehensively turned on the burner to make my eggs as I was watching the floor for any sudden animal movements. My thoughts were then interrupted when I suddenly remembered my early morning appointment with the car dealership for a tune-up. Completely distracted and rushed, I locked the door as I dashed to my car.

At the dealership, as I reached for my cup of hot chocolate, I felt hungry for breakfast. Then remembered I had skipped breakfast, but that my eggs were STILL frying over medium heat. If that weren’t bad enough, my cottage was surrounded by deep, flammable forest.

“Lord,” I prayed with panicked depth, “I screwed up. Please, please protect my cottage! Put your angels around it and guard it. Don’t let all the neighbors’ houses burn down because of my negligence!”

Forty minutes had passed since I had left the cottage as the mechanic and I sped to my house. I frantically checked the sky for smoke or fire and held my cell phone ready to dial 911. As we reached the driveway, I was amazed that not only was the cottage still standing, but there were no flames or smoke. I rushed inside to quickly lifted the blackened pan off the stove…just as it started to smoke.

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