Monday, August 27, 2012

Mysterious (but True!) Face Reading Clients' Stories

                            Double Identity

In Elizabeth’s cozy ocean front home, her husband Ralph was making himself a
turkey sandwich from the table laden with food for the women’s group. Noticing his
glasses, beard, mustache, and unusual ear shapes, he seemed secretive in a way I
couldn’t quite pinpoint. I continued doing the face readings of the women in front of
me as a vague thought registered in my mind that “something wasn’t right” in this
home. After leaving the party, I realized I had forgotten to give Elizabeth an address she
wanted. Looking for her phone number, I realized I had accidentally thrown that
paper away.

“It’s OK,” I thought, “I’ll just look them up in the phone book.”

The name was unusual, and the town small. A man answered the phone, and I asked
for Elizabeth.

“There’s no one by that name here,” the man responded.

“But isn’t this the Ralph B . . . residence in . . .” I was confused.

“Well, actually, it is, and I am Ralph B . . . However, the family you are seeking is
not listed. I’ve been trying to find them for 10 years as the other “Ralph” stole my
identity. He continues to bill large amounts to my credit cards. He even named his
children after my children! He’s been wanted for years by the FBI.”

                              Goebel’s Ears

“Here’s the photo of my brother-in-law. Can you tell me anything about him? I
didn’t know him very well.”

 Louise handed me a black and white photo from the 1930’s. A man in a three piece suit stood in front of a mahogany desk. Short haired and official looking. I took a closer look. His ears were the same shape as Goebel’s (an officer from Hitler’s men in World War II.) Though I usually aim to begin a session
with positive statements, the following came out of my mouth, “So when did he go to prison?”

Her head jerked back and she breathed in slowly, “Right after this photo, and we
never heard from him again.”

(c) Copyright, August, 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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