Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Fun (True) Face Reading Story

                                An Upscale Hair Salon

The red and green ornaments for Christmas were scattered throughout the large
room. Festive music played, and chocolate desserts were laid out on long tables. But
no one was moving. Forty people gathered behind me to listen as I read one face after
another. Laughing, good humored snickers and some applause resounded behind

An older gentleman sat down, and I focused on his big money nose, bushy eyebrows,
and determined chin. Definitely an entrepreneur! A man whose nose told me he was
very wealthy. 

I went with my intuitive hunch, “John, does the word ‘franchise’ mean
anything to you?”

Uproarious laughter surrounded me in stereo. “I guess that means ‘Yes?’” my eyebrows
went up. 

His wife turned to me, “He owns 80 franchises.”

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