Thursday, August 9, 2012

Face Readings for Oprah Producers

Oprah’s Producers
One morning I was a guest on a local TV News show, and one of the Oprah producers was present. After the segment, he took me aside and asked if I would read the faces of Oprah’s staff from video clips he had with him.
He lamented, “There’s one person we’re having trouble with. She doesn’t get along with anyone else, and it’s very stressful. Can you see who it is?”
He nodded as I verbally went through each producer’s face and management style. Then I stopped at Deborah, the person causing the problem. I said, “Others see her as a tyrant. She’s very dominant. And I think in a year Oprah will take her off the Show.”
“Deborah is Oprah’s best friend,” he countered. “Oprah would never fire her or let her go. She’s going to be there after we all leave!”
       A year later on the cover of TV Guide, I gazed at Deborah’s photo. Caption read: “Oprah fires her best friend. Staff sees her as ‘tyrant.’ She gets two million dollar severance package.”

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