Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big or Small EYES - What do YOURS say about YOU?

     Face Reading looks at facial features assigning psychological meanings for each one. How accurate is this? In over 6,000 faces I've read, this system is about 90-95% accurate in reading a person's character.
    Eye size says a lot about how observant you are. Very small eyes (compared to the bone structure of the face) means you are extremely observant to details and what is happening around you.
    Large eyes reflects a warm, sympathetic and romantic nature.
    Rounding under the eye shows a feeling, caring, empathetic nature.
    A flat area under the eyes may indicate a person who waits to 'see' what will happen and could be cautious.
    For EYE COLORS and what each means see earlier BLOGS on this site: and also my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance.

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