Thursday, October 13, 2011

On a Date: What does HIS FOREHEAD mean?

Face Reading is the ancient psychological science of reading character. The forehead structure (shape of the hairline) shows the THINKING STYLE of a person. A tall wide forehead (Martin Luther King) means he thinks in big terms, strategizes, wants a win-win for others. A short forehead (Prince Harry) can mean the person is impulsive or goes with his gutt feelings. A widow's peak is the feature for someone who hates being told what to do, is creative, and ususally a casual dresser.  A square forehead (hairline) is a person who is  hard worker - often working long hours. A rounded forehead (hairline) person is a people-person and also makes long term friendships. Wispy hairs on the outer corners of the hairline show someone who is very close to their Mom. For more features or how they are interpreted together, see the BROWN book on this site. It comes now in PDF form or paperback. Also, check out the 20 TV shows I have on under "Barbara Roberts - Face Reading."
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