Friday, October 14, 2011


Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of reading character from Facial Features. The LIPS = YOUR INTIMACY style. Here are a few and what they mean:
Large, wide mouth and full lips: (Pres. Obama, Julia Roberts) affectonate, generous, warm hearted
Small mouth: (Henry 8th, dictator of North Korea) self-absorbed, can be dangerous to cross swords with
Upper lip narrow, lower lip full:  the person takes in information and doesn't gossip
Upper lip big, lower lip thin: (very unusual - found in about 7% of the population): gives too much or a person who controls their giving (They give to the Salvation Army and want to know where their donation goes and exactly how it is used.)
Thin lips: business like, not interested in sharing their emotional feelings
For more Facial Features and their meanings, see the brown book on this site:
Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance - in PDF or paperback.

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