Saturday, October 15, 2011


     What does your face say about YOU? Why do people respond to you the way they do? Face Reading gives some clues to personal growth and relationships. Every facial feature has a psychological meaning from tis 2,000 year old science. Here are some indicators and their meanings of differnt eyebrow types. (Please see 20 TV shows on for more or get the BROWN book on this site)
Thick, brushy eyebrows: intense, dominant, forceful
Thin eyebrows: meak, sensitive, can be hyper under pressure
Rounded eyebrows: loves harmony at home
Arched eyebrows: dramatic, interest in color, fabric, art, plays
Flat eyebrows: project focused, introvert or shy
Eyebrows edge up to ears:(lowest at nose area) intense, angry or dynamic
Above are just some of the over 200 facial features from my book,
Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance (on this site).
(c) Copyright, 2011 Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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