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Easter - Spiritual Short Story

                        Choosing a Leader of Destiny
                                     By Barbara Roberts (

In a distant territory the elders of a court were gathered around the bed covers of their dieing king. His elderly wife bathed his hands and gently massaged his feet to comfort the aged ruler in his last moments. The monks sat near-by praying with deep devotion that God guide their beloved king to the highest realms of the Heavens. Outside there marble towers, the king’s army had heard the rumor of his immanent passing, and the young, buck warriors were already fighting for supremacy and boasting of their personal prowess and lioness strength.

“I’m the best.” “I am the strongest.” “I deserve to be king.” “I will be the next ruler.” “Fight me for the throne.” Restless echoes of jostling male egos and a surfacing panic created a deep turmoil in the peaceful realm.

“A new beginning must come now. Against our will, our noble king lies dieing, and we don’t know how to replace him. Finding a monarch so loving and devoted to his people will not be an easy task,” said one minister.

As the royal one took one last surrendered breath, the assembled ministers and holy monks knelt in prayer. “Lord, who has given our nation this very righteous leader, do not forsake us for our worldliness or ignorance. We ask that in your Divine mercy you help us to choose our next ruler so that our people might continue in peace and prosperity.”

One of the wisest and most trusted of the king’s ministers was a mystic named Acara. Clear of avarice and sympathetic to all people, he was the mentor and guide for the younger ones. The king had loved him the most, because he could lean on him heavily for advice. Even the monarch, who had possessed clarity beyond most mortals, knew that one still needs true friends and advisors who speak frankly and could not be bought.

Acara spent subsequent days and weeks walking the rural market places and busy streets of his country so that he might assess the changing emotions and energy of his people. He prayed continually that he might be guided to a predecessor for the king, who would be fearless, brave, and kind. One morning after prayers, an unusual intuition came to him. All of nature marks creatures by patterns. The black widow spider’s red back is different from the house spider’s brown. One is dangerous, the other helpful. One snake is poisonous, the other helps the gardens. One knows this by the markings on their skin. If nature makes this so apparent, what of the faces of men? Could there be facial markings that appear consistently in great souls? Facial features that marked a man for a powerful Destiny?

Long and many years had Acara studied the face of his beloved king as he listened to him, advised him, and was his friend. He had lovingly memorized the monarch’s every line, crease and feature. The thought came to him that nature herself might show him how to find a man of Destiny if he could remember all the facial features of the monarch and those he had seen in foreign kings and noble statesmen.

And here was the list he wrote:
Eyes which radiate kindness and nobility
Full cheeks of rounded softness
Large, wide jaw, which was both powerful and fearless
Balanced lips that naturally upturned at the edges
Mouth that smiled and love to laugh
Clear eyes that saw all, yet were not petty
Thick, full hair that shown with radiant health
Large, inner ear hole that allowed sound to enter easily
Forward chin for bravery

“And so here is what I must look for.” Acara put down his pen, “It matters not if this man be a merchant, forest dweller or wealthy prince. These facial features reveal greatness of character. So his background, color, or position in life will not matter. I will keep an open mind that God and nature herself might guide me.” And so he stood up, put his water and scanty food into his pack and started his long journey.

Acara walked for days and months meeting and looking at hundreds of men –farmers, merchants, monks, great archers, and cunning warriors. Yet none possessed the facial features from his list. When he had almost given up his quest, a traveler told him of a hut in the woods where there lived a saintly man named Narada. Without stopping to rest or even taken his evening meal, Acara directed his footsteps into the forest.

The minister reached the hut quickly and was greeting warmly by the young Narada. Tired, but excited from his travels, Acara looked deeply into the face of the young man as he searched for the facial features of Destiny. Mentally he checked them off one by one. Narada had them all. Acara sighed and gave inner thanks that his journey for a new ruler might at last be at an end.

So excited was he, that the minister immediately blurted out his request, asking Narada to come rule the country. Unlike others Acara had met who were only too eager to take the throne, (but for the wrong reasons), Narada was taken aback by the request. He raised both his hands in the air to push away the offer.

“Honored minister,” Narada began, “I know nothing of ruling a kingdom. I am not trained in the art of politics or dealings with nations. I am a simple man - at one with nature. You need a great warrior or a man who has mastery over delicate words to lead your people. I do not possess the skill or power to maneuver those who wish for power, prestige or wealth. I would lose my way and be of little use to your citizens. Ask the Divine One to guide you to one more suited to your needs.”

The white cloaked elder bowed his head before the clear humility of the younger soul, “Narada, we have seen warriors and men of verbal adeptness. Through centuries we have seen them rise and fall, unable to sustain our people’s love. Our court looks now for a ruler with a pure heart. For we have learned that a king rules as he lives.

We need a man of holiness even if he is untrained in the webs of politics and contract negotiations. For despite the restlessness or worldliness of our people, they know when a monarch loves them. They know when a man is centered in God. For he is just, kind and fair. His calmness in decisions of court goes beyond his emotions or personal opinions. He rules with a generous hand. He holds nothing back from his heart.

“The young ones among us must see this altruism lived out or they will completely forsake the ways of their elders. And the elders, whose bodies have become frail, must see the embodiment of their struggles and dreams carried out by a worthy successor. Our kingdom must be ruled by a man of inner greatness. Again, my lord, we offer you our kingdom to rule. Please do not refuse us. I beg of you.” With that Acara put his staff down and sat on the near-by rock.

Narada became quiet and thoughtful as he paced in front of his thatched cottage door. He turned his mind to God and quiet, deep introspection. “Acura, my respected counselor, let me offer your food and drink before we talk of this. Come. Lie down on the cot within my house that you might rest after your long pilgrimage. You must be very weary.”

Acura followed Narada into the simple one room dwelling to sleep and rest. Narada put cool cloths on the elder’s forehead and gave him the choicest delicacies from the fruit trees. The family of deer outside drew closer to the hut where their friend Narada resided. The forest peacefully rested on into the night, the big and important question of ruling a country absorbed into the sound of crickets and cool stillness of a full moon. Narada lay down on a mat near the bed where his new friend, Acara, lay sleeping. He felt for this old man whose only goal was the safety and protection of his people - a minister whose whole body and life span had been given up in service to guide and inspire the young, the old, the sick, the weak, and even the powerful.

And the young man asked for inner guidance about this issue of ruling a kingdom. In his secret heart he brought to flower the real reason that kept him back from the great honor, which at any juncture might become a great burden. Narada reflected, “What if I lose my way in the myriads of court intrigues, jealousies or maneuverings? I have no footing to keep me resolute in seeking goodness. What if I lose myself in the outer desires for wealth, power or restless longings? There could be no greater pain to my heart than to lose the inner communion I now feel.” With that thought he put his head to his mat and fell asleep.

He rose in the morning to make food for his friend and draw cool water from the well for their baths and refreshments. As he took down the metal pot for brewing the leaves from the trees, a new insight came strongly through his consciousness.

“What have I done to serve my land?” he asked himself, “I am young and strong. Though I am not perfect or trained, I am willing. I am willing to serve and give to the very limits of my physical strength and stamina. At least I can go and make my supreme effort to bring forth good. I will let go of my personal worries about my unworthiness and lack of skill. I will go with an attitude of conquest, service, and willingness to learn.”

He prayed out loud in the still air, “Lord, purify my heart that I might serve them in strength.”

With his new resolution and heart wide open to his new life, he stepped outside into the forest stillness. As if nature’s response was spontaneous and caressing, the talkative birds came to land on his shoulders. They began singing their joyous melodies. The mother and baby deer emerged from behind the bushes to gently lick his hands and to let him stroke the ears of the baby. Even the leopard, which always remained hidden by night and by day, came unabashed before Narada to say good-bye. The brown garden snakes lifted their heads as they approached the quiet hut of their friend. All nature came to love him and wish him well. He knew in his heart that this was God’s way of guiding him.

When Acara opened his eyes, Narada was sitting next to him with a banquet of forest delights for the guest’s morning nourishment. Fresh coconut juice from the trees, the softest and sweetest of mangoes, calming teas and honey, and perfectly cooked rice and lentils. Acara’s worn cloak had been washed and dried by the sunlight. And near Narada’s leg was a wooden bowl of special oil so that he might wash and rub the elder’s feet before the long trek back to the capitol.

The older minister, who had rarely received such personal service during the course of his travels, was touched and humbled. He said within his heart, “By your actions, Narada, you have shown me that I have chosen the right one to lead our people. Even in the midst of a personal challenge, you have sought only for my comfort, not your own. This will surely forebode well for our nation.” And he reached out his sun baked hand to bless Narada’s head.

After the morning prayers and food, Narada addressed the older man, “Great sir, I am moved by the offer you made me yesterday to rule your kingdom. I know that my background is unworthy of this honor. However, I am willing. I ask that God give me the Grace to move forward and be a strong, compassionate leader for your people. I ask that you and the other elders guide me through the intricacies of court life as I strive to do my best for you. I will go back with you. If I can be of genuine service to you and your nation, I will stay as long as you need me. If at any time you feel that I have lost my usefulness, please bring me back to this simple hut in the forest. And I will be content.”

And with that he packed his sparse belongs into his sack. The birds spread the good news through the trees. Hundreds of curious citizens gathered along the paths to greet the new king. Men held their children above their shoulders so that the little ones might see. Women dropped flowers in front of their feet on the dusty roads to the capitol. The young Narada ruled wisely for many years. He was just and fair in his court rulings over disputes. He cared nothing for jewels, so he put all the wealth he received back into the farmers’ lands and the children’s education. The people loved him, and he became a legend as he led them into a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity.

He ruled as he lived.

©Copyright, Barbara Roberts. March, 2010. All rights reserved.
Short Story from her book, Face Reading – How to Know Anyone at a Glance
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     Face Reading is an ancient psychological system for reading a person's character from his/her Facial Features. Every feature has a special psychological meaning (as you've seen in my NEW 2009 book,
Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance).
     Soul Age is a complicated deeper aspect of Face Reading as it looks at the amount of RADIANCE or inner love, joy and warmth that radiate from a person's eyes. Some of the great saints and saviors - Hoffman's famous painting of Christ, photos of St. Therese of Lisieux, Yogananda, Andamoi Ma, Brother Andre (the monk who lived in Canada - the St. Joseph's Cathedral is lined with bandages and crutches from all the people the monk healed!) and others. Soul Age is a universal quality so it doesn't matter what ethnic background, age or gender the person is. It goes beyond the psychological or the physical. It is the Inner Light of God radiating out from the eyes.
     What is fascinating at looking at the faces of the saints and mystics (I've looked at 6,000 in 350 classes on Face Reading) - is that often a man or woman of deep spiritual realization has had life struggles - health, poverty, relationships, or others, sometimes deep tests. These show in the facial features. So on the one hand, a criminal ALSO has these deep struggles which also show - perhaps as "dangerous" facial features.
    After looking a hundreds of photos of FBI Most Wanted, gangsters, criminals, WW II spies AND saints and mystics...the different between a "saint and a sinner" is this EYE RADIANCE.
    That's what shows an Old Soul.

(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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YOUR EYES - What does their COLOR Mean psychologically?

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's personality from his/her Facial Features. Barbara Roberts, author of Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance has looked at over 6,000 faces in 350 Classes (US Navy, Wells Fargo, YMCA, Jenny Craig, UCLA, Fortune 500). Here are some of the patterns of personality she's observed in EYE COLORS and WHAT DO THEY MEAN?
PALE BLUE EYES - peaceful, needs to develop more physical strength and endurance
BLUE-GRAY EYES - analyzes their emotions, problem solves, focused, mentally adept
HAZEL EYES - thinks 20 thoughts at the same time, needs variety at work, multitasks, easily bored
BROWN EYES - (*if not an ethnic feature/trait) family oriented, warm hearted, caring
(*If brown eyes are from the face of an Oriental, Hispanic, African American person, then go to others areas of his face - ie: lips, teeth, ears, etc. to analyze his character)
GRAY EYES - private, cool emotionally, able to keep affairs confidential
     Keep in mind that you need to read the whole face, all the facial features to understand a person's true inner being. For more information see: or the 10 TV Shows on under Barbara Roberts/Face Reading.
     For YOUR OWN Face Reading, see her web page: for tan box under the TV Shows, "How to Get a Face Reading." (Visa/Mastercard)

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

HIS (FACE) CHEEKS show what kind of LOVER he is!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's character from Facial Features. Every feature has at least 3 psychological meanings for someone who has it, and in Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, I (Barbara Roberts) look at over 150 features and explain their inner meanings. This is certainly a help on Internet dating or on a 1st date!
     A news anchor, Laura Buxton, once told me, "If only I had know about you when it came to dating, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!"
     The LIPS and the CHEEK areas will show the degree of feeling and personal warmth your date will be able to give you. (See Blog on LIPS) Here are some CHEEKS and what they mean!
ROUND CHEEKS - warm, loving, caring, big heart
FLAT CHEEKS - might be more mentally oriented, slow to express his feelings
HIGH CHEEK BONES - loves to travel, wants to be self-employed, high spirited
SUNKEN CHEEKS - may have had lack of materal nuturing growing up/possible illness
     It's important to look at the whole face and combine all the features together.
     For more information, see: or the 10 TV Shows on
under Barbara Roberts/Face Reading.

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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1st Date? What's on His MIND? 5 Forehead Shapes + What they mean!

From  Face Reading - A (Short-Cut!) Companion to On-line Dating - Series of Blogs by Barbara Roberts (See for 10 TV Shows she did.)

     Face Reading is an ancient system of reading a person's character from facial features. Every facial feature has a corresponding psychological meaning to it. In the 6,000 faces (350 classes) I've read, there are PATTERNS in what the facial features signify.
    Forehead shapes and lines have to do with THINKING STYLE. Here are a few common ones:
TALL-WIDE forehead (President Obama) - (means:) humanitarian, thinks in big terms, strategist
SHORT forehead (Prince Harry) - impulsive, reactive
SQUARE shaped (hairline) forehead - works long hours, project oriented
ROUND shaped (hairline) forehead - people, people, people! Works well with the pubic
WIDOW'S PEAK - creative, hates to be told what to do, wants to be given the facts and then make their own project, non-conformist
VERTICAL LINE ABOVE NOSE (Winston Churchill) - goes in completely different direction than their family of origin, self-starter
THREE HORIZONTAL LINES  - parallel above the eyebrows (Bill Cosby) - $$$ wealthy! If you see that facial feature, marry him!
(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

John Gardner's Face (Chelsea King case) - 8 Dangerous Facial Features!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of reading a person's character from facial features.
     I've read 6,000 faces and been a Guest on 50 national/local TV/Radio Shows (TYRA BANKS,
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, THE LEARNING CHANNEL, INSIDE SAN DIEGO). After 9-11 the government asked me to do a project to identify facial features of terrorists, so I looked at hundreds of faces of FBI Most Wanted felons, Outlaws of the Old West, rapists, murderers, WW II spies, Hitlers's officers and using my skills of 25 years of face reading, outlined specific DANGEROUS facial features that were repeatably found as PATTERNS in each of their faces. (see: for TV Shows)
2009 NEW Book with ALL of the Dangerous Features: Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance by Barbara Roberts.

Here are the Dangerous Facial Features from John Gardner's face: 

(And if one or two of these are found in the normal population's faces, they are combined with good facial features, so the person is great. If however, many of these negative features are combined together, this becomes "dangerous.") ***You always look at the whole face to determine a character reading of a person.
1. The donut shape of his chin with the dimple the middle means "high sex drive."
2. The forward  jutting chin and large jaw can be "combative, aggressive."
3. The upper ear area is irregular and unusual, this meaning possible "distorted emotions."
4. The lower area of the eye is flat, which indicates "major trust issues."
5. The shape of the eyebrows is hooked (at the end), another sign for "emotional distress."
6. Small ears means he doesn't hear clearly what is happening around him. His is own "reality."
7. Horizontal line across the bridge of the nose, can be "violent."
8. Rage muscles in lower jaw are activated in his face.

For more information, contact Barbara Roberts at
(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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1st Date? Dangerous Facial Features: "Face Reading - A (Short Cut!) Companion to On-line Dating"

     Face reading is a 2,000 year old system for reading a person's character from his or her facial features.
     After 9-11 I did a short project with the government to identify specific facial features found in terrorists to be used for baggage checkers at the airports. In working on the project I looked at hundreds of photos of FBI Most Wanted, murderers, gangsters, WW II spies, Hitler's Third Reich, outlaws of the Old West. In my work of over 30 years, in 6,000 faces (Guest on 50 national/local TV Shows) most people have GREAT faces. Using the system I developed to look at normal folks, I analytically reviewed photos of criminals. There are PATTERNS in the facial features found in criminals - visual cues that have nothing to do with ethnic background, age or gender.
     If you are Dating on the Internet, it is crucial that you know HOW to identify these facial features BEFORE you go on that 1st date! Given these specific visual cues, you'll be able to see them in the PHOTOS of propective dates. I've recently looked at eHarmony, Match, JDating,, and other sites, there are men and women currently on each site who have these Dangerous Facial Features.
    What does that mean for YOU?
    The body-mind is always recording what is happening in your emotions and your mind. Face reading is like being a tracker in the Old West - you just interprete the cues.
1. With the person looking straight ahead, the Eyes show white underneath. This area is called the sclera and is found under the colored part/pupil
2. Sunken, hollow cheek areas
3. Eyebrows that angle down towards the nose with the outer edge angling up towards the forehead
4. Unibrow, thick connected eyebrow, straight across the brow
5. Very tiny ears
6. Tiny mouth (smaller than the nose)
7. Ears that project out from the head at an unusual angle
(For others, please see my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance on
***IMPORTANT: You must evaluate the whole face (all of the facial features!) - Having one of these might not be "dangerous" - Having 4 of  these is!!

(*My own philosophy is that anyone can change if they WISH to. Even a person with a criminal past who changes his/her thinking through 12-step groups, counseling, prayer work, medical intervention/medication can change his/her facial features to reflect the new, inner positive changes.)
 (c) Copyright, March 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.
See: for on-going Blog "Face Reading - Your Short-Cut Companion to On-line Dating"

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

HAIR COLOR - What It Means for Dating! Face Reading - The "Short-Cut" Companion for On-line Dating

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of reading a person's character from his facial features. In my 30 years of practice, I've read 6,000 faces in 350 classes and been on 50 national/local TV Shows (TYRA BANKS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, THE LEARNING CHANNEL, THE YOUNG + THE RESTLESS, INSIDE SAN DIEGO).
     HAIR COLOR is a facial feature that can be real or from a box!, but the hair color one chooses reflects a a person's inner nature - the way she/he likes to feel, her inner spirit. Below are specific psychological meanings that are accurate for a person with each HAIR COLOR. (If this is an ethnic feature as in black or brown hair for Hispanics or Orientals, in face reading you would ignore this one feature and go on to interprete other facial features which make that person spiritually unique.)

 HAIR COLOR - What is he/she like on a Date?

     BLACK HAIR: (means:) strong willed, intense, dominant
On a Date they might be like: "Impress me. Show me what you've got. Why should I be interested in you? Tell me."
     BROWN HAIR (means:) family oriented, looks for emotional warmth and sincerety in others
On a Date they might be like: "Before we get serious, I need you to meet my children. Let's see if they like you."
     BLONDE HAIR (means:) sunny disposition, confident, fun loving
On a Date they might be like: "Let me give you these donuts for your morning break." "What else can we do for this (angry) client to win back his business to the firm?"
     RED HAIR (means:) dramatic, intense, fiery
On a Date they might be like: "I'm very passionate and need someone who is also." "Do you feel deeeply about things?"


     FINE HAIR (means:) sensitive nervous system. If stressed, may have digestive problems
     COARSE HAIR (means:) love of the outdoors, strong body energy
     STRAIGHT HAIR (means:) direct, straight forward, says what they mean
     CURLY HAIR (means:) fun loving, funny, playful
(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.
     There are thousands of facial features, and you want to combine many of them to tell you what a peron is really like. Future Blogs will analyze Eye color, teeth shape, forehead structure, and jaw and chin dynamic. See for Barbara Roberts' NEW BOOK: FACE READING - HOW TO READ ANYONE AT A GLANCE and TV live Shows on Face Reading.

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.