Saturday, October 27, 2018

$$ Discount on Face Reading for the Holidays!

Face Reading Session with Barbara
$40 Discount NOW! - Holiday Special (Fee = $100)
The Skype Session covers your Best Career, how to choose a harmonious life partner (if single), your life Gifts and Inner lessons, your special spiritual-emotional temperament, and how to maximize your positives - for more happiness and success!

 Barbara has read 10,000 people's faces in her 500 Classes and as a Guest on
75 TV national/local shows. She has 1 million people following her on From her 35 years of Face Readings, she will give you depth of spiritual understanding about who you are. Her focus is healing and insight oriented, warm hearted, and funny.

To get your Session or a Gift for someone you love:
Go to: In the Book area look for the FACE CHART (white
sheet of paper). Enter "10". ("10 X $10/each = $100). Pay with M/C, Visa, or Paypal. On receiving the payment, Barbara will e-mail you to set up a day/time.

For more information, please contact Barbara:

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halloween Objects for Sale (ha, ha)


Eel's leg - with fin $8
- without fin $9
Witches' brew - with caffeine added $13
- regular - decaf - $11
Hawk's egg - fresh boiled $8
- raw $5
Spells and curses - in English - manual is $25
- in languages your client won't recognize $55
Sparrow's tooth - original $14
- cleaned up $16
Casting out of Devils - $45 (for one)
- $99 (Mary Magdalene special)
Saying prayers - $10/each - jobs/romance/wealth/health
- $100/everything included under the Sun
- $250/everything included in the Universe
Blue dust - organic $11/pound
- regular $8/pound (includes match fibers)
Baptisms - if all the above does not work - $59
- if all the above does work - $49
Special orders on request: owls optional, cauldron extra,
*I refuse to dress up as a wizard, but would
consider with $500 deposit.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

"Describe a unique experience you have had?" by Fran Johnson

One of the first organizations I joined when we moved to Rancho Santa Fe was the Newcomers Club. They provide a variety of activities to introduce one to new and old members of the community, provide activities (book clubs, walking groups, etc.), and recommendations for services and restaurants in the area. They also have a monthly luncheon with a program.
A couple of of years later, as President, I met with the board to discuss some program ideas for the coming year. One of the members mentioned Face Reading. I had never heard of it, hence, my initial reaction was, “Isn’t this one of the reasons California is known as ‘La la Land’?” She assured me it was legitimate, so I called the contact and, very hesitantly, made an appointment with a woman named Barbara Roberts.
Barbara was a sweet, very soft spoken young woman and she put me at ease immediately. She gave me a brief history of Face Reading and I was stunned to learn it was an ancient Chinese science. It has been around for centuries! Abraham Lincoln selected his cabinet using this.
Barbara was a nurse and became interested in this art so she could better understand and help her patients. Barbara is also very intuitive, which no doubt gives her an edge over other Face Readers. I was surprised as she accurately described me, studying my hair, facial features and structure. Everything she told me resonated. I could hardly wait to have her read the faces of everyone I knew. (Sidebar: by now, I think I have!)
Newcomers Club booked her for a luncheon and it was a very popular event. I wasn’t sure how she could do this with a large group, but she pulled it off by bringing up several different foreheads/chins/eyes/etc. and describing their meaning. There were audible gasps in the audience.
Barbara has become a friend and has “talked” our family through many a crises. The first, Thanksgiving, 2003. AJ had suffered three miscarriages after Will’s birth and was extremely distraught. Barb took AJ in the other room and quietly told her she “saw” her with a baby girl the following summer. AJ was beyond consoling at that point, but, miracle of miracles, on July 27, 2004, our precious Kacy came into our lives.
On a humorous note, niece Betsey was also there for the family Thanksgiving. Shortly after she returned home, she found out she was also pregnant. She said, “Well, Barbara could have mentioned to me, ‘Hey, honey, put down that Chardonnay. You’ve got a bun in the oven, too!’” Cleo arrived July 24, 2004.
What started out a lark, ended up with enormous personal insight and a life long friendship.