Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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The Development of Intuition - HOW does one do this?

      The development of Intuition - In my case doing the Face Reading being intuitive about others came after years of practicing spiritual attunement and then bringing it down to the practical level for that client or that situation. 
      But what about people who have no interest in the spiritual life?
      To honor my twin brother, Mark, an amazing MD - He is not particularly interested in the spiritual life. However, his intuition is very sharp...It occurred to me tonight that how he developed it is by tuning in to higher principles or altruism for that particular situation - i.e.: what's the best for THIS patient? what's the right thing to do here?
     So  Intuition comes for some from their striving for spiritual attunement. For others, Intuition is developed by their aligning themselves to the the Greater Good for the situation.

Face Reading and Business....Power, Money, Self Development....

I was discussing with Manfred tonight about the connection between Face Reading and the application to Business:
      A person Developing these Skills...
1. Being authentic in words, thoughts and behavior, which involves being fearless within (able to look within oneself and be ruthlessly honest) before one can 'manage' other people effectively
2. seeing Power as self-empowerment and self-determination and self control, NOT power over other people
3. seeking to be of genuine service, not 'business' for $$ profit only
4. reducing jealousy...Knowing the spiritual concept that 'My own will come to me' - that I don't have to take other's Good from them to get my own Good....

Friday, September 12, 2014

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My National Radio Shows for this month!

Sept 17 I'll be on two National Radio Shows: "Dates and Mates" and "Dr. Shirley and Steve" - stay tuned!

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Single? Dating on the Internet? Face Reading will give you the short-cut keys to know if you are romantically compatible with the person you are dating!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's character from his or her Facial Features. Every feature has at least three psychological meanings for someone who has it, and in Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, (my brown book on this site for $20 iPAD/PDF or paperback $25) I  look at over 150+ features and give their psychological meanings. Also, the NEW 2014 PDF on "Romance" outlines specific features to look for in an ideal mate ($12 on this site).

       A news anchor, Laura Buxton, once told me, "If only I had know about you when it came to men, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!"

The LIPS and the CHEEK areas will show the degree of feeling and personal warmth your date will be able to give you. Here are some Cheek and Lip types and what they mean!

Cheek Types:
ROUND CHEEKS - warm, loving, caring, big heart
FLAT CHEEKS - might be more mentally oriented, analytical, slow to express intense emotions
HIGH CHEEK BONES - loves to travel, wants to be self-employed, high spirited

Lip Types:
LARGE, WIDE MOUTH - (Pres Obama) generous, affectionate, warm hearted
TINY MOUTH - (Henry 8th) self absorbed, has rich fantasy life, may be dangerous to cross swords with
THIN UPPER LIP, BIG LOWER LIP - person who takes in information and doesn't gossip, good with personal confidences
HUGE LOWER LIP - (Elvis) sensual, sultry

It's important to look at the whole face and combine all the features together. The above gives only general meanings.  Check out my 25 TV Shows on YouTube.com, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook ("Face Reading - Barbara Roberts")
(c) Copyright, February 1, 2012. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

Monday, September 8, 2014

True Story - Spiritual Intuition

Lori, my boss at Sanders College, did an excellent job supervising accounting courses like the one I teach. Over tea one day she privately shared with me her distress over eminent budget cuts and financial set-backs including her staff’s salaries. “I’ve two kids to put through college. I’m not sure our family can make ends meet with the changes at the College.”

As she was a spiritually deep woman, I suggested we pray and ask for God’s guidance about this situation. As we focused an idea came to me, “Lori, have you applied to Riverton College (the rival school with a similar accounting program)? I see you getting the Director job there instead!”
Lori expressed that that was an impossibility as there was no job opening at Riverton College for what she does. Within two weeks Human Resources at Riverton posted a job for Director of Accounting services. Lori applied along with fifteen others. After three weeks  she phoned to update me.

“There were four Interviews with so many qualified candidates for the job. Every time I got nervous about being selected, I remembered what you saw. Well, I’m calling you now — even before I call my Mom! — to let you know I got the job as Director! Thank you!”

(c) Copyright, August, 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.