Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In tough economic times...HOW TO READ YOUR BOSS' FACE

      Face Reading will give you the Intutive Edge in Business. Will your boss be generous or stingy? Is he/she a perfectionist or someone who wants you to be relaxed around him? Will he understand if you are late for the meeting as your son has the flu? The face of a person reflects his emotional and spiritual essence and personality - how a boss relates to information, money, and what he wants from his employee. Study this 2,000 year old science of behavior closely!
     The secret KEY to keeping your job is to provide the best service you can in whatever field you are in.     To do this, you have to be able to read what another needs at the moment - whether it be your boss or your client(s) whose happiness with you will reflect in your 'stats' with the company. Before we look at faces, here are some extra tips that work:
     Some visual cues for harmony on your work Team:
     Dress in the color that is your eye color. This helps others to like you and feel in tune with you. Also, wearing a beautiful color of blue (not navy) radiates sincerety.
     Hints to reading your Boss' face show in the EYEBROWS! Here are the facial features and their psychological meanings:
LOW-SET EYEBROWS (close-set to the eye) - The boss is easy to talk to and wants you to be at ease. Communication is of paramont importance here, and as with all jobs, ASK your boss how he prefers the communication: E-mails, 5-min knock on his door to discuss problems, phone calls, etc.
HIGH-SET EYEBROWS (eyebrows a few inches above the eyes) - This boss has high standards and is very loyal to people he/she values. Do not become familiar with this person. If you treat this boss with respect and give quality work, that stands for a lot.
ARCHED EYEBROWS (angled) - This boss may be dramatic, emotional, or just love music/plays/art/theater. Be careful here to not take eveything personally if this boss is having a rough day. It might not be about you at all.
FLAT EYEBROWS (straight across). This boss loves working on projects and has great concentration. Perhaps an introvert also. He does not like being interrupted, so if the door is closed, don't knock unless the fire engine is a the building.
For more informaton or JOBS + CAREERS that will match YOUR face, see my book:
Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance by Barbara Roberts
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