Wednesday, March 28, 2012

YOUR HAIR COLOR? What does it reveal about YOU?

Curly? Straight? Fine? Thick? Hair - Everything means something according to Face Reading's ancient 2,000 year old psychological system. HAIR COLOR and TEXTURE are important as a way of describing the REAL you! Does it matter if your color is natural or 'from the salon?' No - it's the color YOU like (unless your salon person really blew it, and you're not a Blue hair type personality?!) - Usually your color will reflect your inner qualities.

Here are some general meanings for each HAIR TYPE from the Face Reading system: (Keep in mind that for a character analysis you need to see all the facial features and put them together. See - Brown book on this site - Face Reading - How to Read Anyone at a Glance)

Curly hair - fun loving, creative

Straight hair - direct, straightforward, serious

Fine hair - sensitive, nervous/digestive system may register stressors

Thick hair - love of the outdoors, resilent

Brown hair - family oriented, warm, generous

Blonde hair - fun, independent

Red hair - dynamic, firey, emotional

Black hair - intense, dominant

(c) Copyright, 2011. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

People's Experience with Barbara's Face Reading Skills

Tyra Banks Says about Barbara: “I loved having you on the talk shows and definitely applaud and thank you for taking a similar stand to honor ethnic diversity in all ways in your work.” – Tyra Banks, National TV's “Top Model”

Money Saved by Company: When our company was assaulted by the NLRB I asked Barbara to read the face of their head honcho. Based on her read we devised a plan that stopped them in their tracks, literally saving our $16mm company. Her read was right on! We will always appreciate her and she is the core of one of my best stories.” - P. Friedman, Former owner, The Green House fresh Herbs
National TV Producer’s Experience: “Barbara’s ability to read people’s faces is utterly incredible. It is simply uncanny. I was continually amazed.”– V. Gloor, Supervising Producer, FOX TV

Public Relations Specialist Comments: “Face Reading is the SECRET WEAPON You Must Have!” “I wish so much I had learned this earlier in my career! If you work with people - if your career depends on your ability to read and influence others - if you're looking for a statistically proven way to instantly read friends, family, colleagues, and clients - get (Barbara’s book) now! I never realized how much our faces tell others until I spent time learning about the characteristics our unique attributes display. I highly recommend this book, and I highly recommend investing the time to have Barbara read your face personally. You'll be shocked and amazed at the detail and accuracy!” - P. Bowen, Costa Mesa, California

Career Guidance Needed: “I was in a very dark place trying to sort out what to do with my life and career, and Barbara was a Light on my Path. Her intuitive skill enabled me to find myself my best career. I feel God sent her to me as an answer to my prayers. Now abundance is pouring in. Barbara was my ANGEL.” – Davis ( Book Review)

News Anchor’s Interviewing Skills Enhanced: “Barbara’s Face Reading system is the single most valuable tool I know of for effective communication. I interview thousands of people, and I use these skills all the time.” – L. Buxton, Morning News Anchor, KUSI TV

”Barbara’s work should be read by all in law enforcement.” Comment from 25 Year (retired) NY Police Officer “I heard Ms. Roberts as a guest on SPYX (national radio) in Albany, New York… As my career advanced I noticed the ‘same’ eye pattern in drug addicts and ‘hardcore’ alcoholics. So when I heard Ms. Roberts…speaking of the meaning of the prominent sclera, I was amazed. I was astonished at the number of other ‘truths’ someone’s face showed. (Her) book should be required reading of all new police recruits.” - A. VanWagenen – Loudonville, NY

Saturday, March 3, 2012

NEW VIDEO on! "How to Bring Out the Best in Your Children"

HOW TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOUR CHILDREN - Cultivate their strengths and spiritual qualities! Video from Face Reading Barbara Roberts LINK to NEW video!