Thursday, August 23, 2018



This month’s Special Discount ($100/an hour instead of the $140 usual price). To pay, please go to Under the BOOK area (right corner), find a white sheet called FACE CHART. The charts are $10/each, so enter “10” for quantity. That’s 10 X $10 = $100. (Pay with Visa/MC/Paypal on the site.)
     In the hour Session we cover your Best Career, how to choose a harmonious life partner (from your facial features and spiritual astrology 4-Soul Mate indicators unique for you!), your life Gifts and Inner lessons, your special spiritual -emotional temperament and how to maximize your positives.
     For the Session you’ll need your Birth TIME (AM/PM) and a way to tape the Session (most folks use their Cell phones.) As soon as your payment comes, I will write you days/times available once I’ve calculated your area code/country. I live in California time zone (PST), and afternoons and evenings are best for me and Saturday afternoons. 
     When you respond, give me your SKYPE name, so I can send you an “Accept” message on Skype. 
     Looking forward to talking soon!
     Take care,

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

What does the Shape of your HAIRLINE mean?

Your Hairline Reveals Your THINKING STYLE
What does yours say about you?

Your forehead shape reveals how you think and process information on the job and with your family says Face Reading expert Barbara Roberts in her book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance. Barbara has read 10,000 faces in her study of this ancient science, and here are examples of hairlines along with their psychological meanings. (
A ROUNDED HAIRLINE. Roberts says here that the upper area of the hairline is the shape of a half-circle, and a woman with this will be people oriented, a giver, good with the public, and will have many long term friendships. (Jordin Sparks, Olivia Palermo, Oprah)

With a SQUARE HAIRLINE the upper area of the hairline forms a box. A woman who has this will be focused, a hard worker, and determined. (Juliana Margulies, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet)

Roberts  indicates that women who have a WIDOW’S PEAK (the hair forms a downward ‘V’ in center of the forehead) are creative, innovative, and self-developed.(Kat Graham, Kerry Washington, Drew Barrymore)

When the forehead is TALL and WIDE, which means the area between the forehead to the eyebrows is the longest part of the face, this woman is benefit focused, humanitarian, and a strategist. (Hilary Swank, Jessica Chastain, Meryl Streep)

A SHORT FOREHEAD (when the area between forehead to the eyebrows is the shortest part of the face) Roberts notes that this woman is intuitive, a quick thinker, and has good physical reflexes. (Danica Patrick)

WISPY EDGES at the corner of the upper temples means a woman’s’ mother has been of significant influence in her life.  (Julia Roberts, Taraji P. Henson)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

FACEBOOK TV SHOW today Aug 15!

Wednesday this week - Facebook "I HAVE TODAY" TV SHOW:
Join me Wednesday for our next LIVE episode of I Have Today with Diane Forster. This LIVE Weekly TV series empowers, inspires and educates you to live the "I HAVE TODAY" way...intentionally, and helps you get out of your own way! Fun guests who are experts, authors, influencers, and have had their own journey that made them the success they are TODAY. You'll get useful takeaways every week.
My guest this week will be Face Reading Expert, Barbara Roberts. Tune in to learn more about Barbara and the value of knowing how to read someones face PLUS learning how to trust your judgement. Get a copy of Barbara's book "Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance" HERE: