Tuesday, October 13, 2020

2020 President: Who will WIN?


The Presidential Race: 
The intuitive prediction I have about Kamala being President (Biden winning, and her taking over for him when he can't finish the 4 years) was met with very divided comments (some of you surprisingly negative), so this time, I'm going to explain my intuition. I'll leave this post on for a few days.....
When Clinton was Inagurated I was featured on Morning TV NEWS and was asked about his future. I've been doing Face Reading for the last 35 years as many of you know...(been featured on 75 national/local TV/radio shows, have 1 1/2 million people following my TV shows on youtube.com, have worked with the Navy, Fortune 500, UCSD, etc.)....and I said, "He will be a soft President (not dynamic like Kennedy). However, at SOME point in his presidency, Clinton will try to manipulate the American public. The public will turn on him, and he won't like it." Enter Monica Lewinsky years later...(I got this from looking at the LEFT side of his face which was his true nature, not his public side.)
When past President Obama was a young politician (no experience), I looked closely at his face, and he had a face of Destiny...and I knew he would be President one day. 
When I see Kamala I feel the same deep response in my heart that I did with Obama (when he was young.) That's how I'm coming to my intuitive insight. It is not by watching politics.....🙂 Barbara