Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Fun (True) Face Reading Story

                                An Upscale Hair Salon

The red and green ornaments for Christmas were scattered throughout the large
room. Festive music played, and chocolate desserts were laid out on long tables. But
no one was moving. Forty people gathered behind me to listen as I read one face after
another. Laughing, good humored snickers and some applause resounded behind

An older gentleman sat down, and I focused on his big money nose, bushy eyebrows,
and determined chin. Definitely an entrepreneur! A man whose nose told me he was
very wealthy. 

I went with my intuitive hunch, “John, does the word ‘franchise’ mean
anything to you?”

Uproarious laughter surrounded me in stereo. “I guess that means ‘Yes?’” my eyebrows
went up. 

His wife turned to me, “He owns 80 franchises.”

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mysterious (but True!) Face Reading Clients' Stories

                            Double Identity

In Elizabeth’s cozy ocean front home, her husband Ralph was making himself a
turkey sandwich from the table laden with food for the women’s group. Noticing his
glasses, beard, mustache, and unusual ear shapes, he seemed secretive in a way I
couldn’t quite pinpoint. I continued doing the face readings of the women in front of
me as a vague thought registered in my mind that “something wasn’t right” in this
home. After leaving the party, I realized I had forgotten to give Elizabeth an address she
wanted. Looking for her phone number, I realized I had accidentally thrown that
paper away.

“It’s OK,” I thought, “I’ll just look them up in the phone book.”

The name was unusual, and the town small. A man answered the phone, and I asked
for Elizabeth.

“There’s no one by that name here,” the man responded.

“But isn’t this the Ralph B . . . residence in . . .” I was confused.

“Well, actually, it is, and I am Ralph B . . . However, the family you are seeking is
not listed. I’ve been trying to find them for 10 years as the other “Ralph” stole my
identity. He continues to bill large amounts to my credit cards. He even named his
children after my children! He’s been wanted for years by the FBI.”

                              Goebel’s Ears

“Here’s the photo of my brother-in-law. Can you tell me anything about him? I
didn’t know him very well.”

 Louise handed me a black and white photo from the 1930’s. A man in a three piece suit stood in front of a mahogany desk. Short haired and official looking. I took a closer look. His ears were the same shape as Goebel’s (an officer from Hitler’s men in World War II.) Though I usually aim to begin a session
with positive statements, the following came out of my mouth, “So when did he go to prison?”

Her head jerked back and she breathed in slowly, “Right after this photo, and we
never heard from him again.”

(c) Copyright, August, 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My True Story - (very humiliating!)

Sunny Side Up

A late night comedy had me riveted to my TV one humid June evening. Through the upper windows of my tree house cottage, a soft breeze moved through my bedroom. The upper windows were completely open as I hadn’t yet put the screens back on them. Out of the corner of my sight, I noticed a tail rush quickly by my leg.

“It must be the cat,” I mussed. Then I realized, I don’t have a cat…Or a dog…Or any animal! In horror, I rushed into the kitchen to see a large rat squeezing its body through a floor hole.

The next morning, fearful of encountering a rat scurrying over my toes, I apprehensively turned on the burner to make my eggs as I was watching the floor for any sudden animal movements. My thoughts were then interrupted when I suddenly remembered my early morning appointment with the car dealership for a tune-up. Completely distracted and rushed, I locked the door as I dashed to my car.

At the dealership, as I reached for my cup of hot chocolate, I felt hungry for breakfast. Then remembered I had skipped breakfast, but that my eggs were STILL frying over medium heat. If that weren’t bad enough, my cottage was surrounded by deep, flammable forest.

“Lord,” I prayed with panicked depth, “I screwed up. Please, please protect my cottage! Put your angels around it and guard it. Don’t let all the neighbors’ houses burn down because of my negligence!”

Forty minutes had passed since I had left the cottage as the mechanic and I sped to my house. I frantically checked the sky for smoke or fire and held my cell phone ready to dial 911. As we reached the driveway, I was amazed that not only was the cottage still standing, but there were no flames or smoke. I rushed inside to quickly lifted the blackened pan off the stove…just as it started to smoke.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of character reading. Abraham
Lincoln chose his Cabinet using these skills, and Aristotle used Face Reading to
hand-select the generals for Alexander the Great, who won dominion over the ancient
All life involves understanding others. Our personal success and happiness
depend on it. Face reading gives us the inner track in relationships. It looks at the
core of a person and tells us who he really is.
Your face tells the story of your life. Like a tracker in the Old West, everything
is there for someone who knows how to look. We look at people, but we don’t really
see them. Face Reading will teach you how to see and understand them as you never
have before.
With Face Reading the original idea is to list a person’s facial features and then
assign to each one psychological meaning(s) that would be true for that person. Our
emotional and spiritual life is recorded in the body, and especially in the face; so the
facial features express our innate way of thinking and behaving. (Example: rounding
in the cheeks and eye areas expresses more warmth and feeling, and these are the
facial feature meanings for those areas.)
I have taken the concept of facial features and divided them into three categories:
1. Those features we are born with (as in the shape of the ear lobe, eye color, hair
2. Features which reflect how we would like to look (make-up, hair coloring)
3. Those that are the result of accidents, skin cancer, orthodontia and/or plastic surgery
(scarring, facial burns, teeth straightening)
Because face reading focuses on facial features, which are universal for all ethnic
groups, ages, and genders, two people can be romantically compatible even though
they come from different continents or ethnic backgrounds. The key is that their
facial features are similar. For intimate relationships to be lasting and harmonious,
70% of the facial features for a couple must match or be similar. Would this get boring
to have someone whose inner flow is like ours? No. That is where the 30% difference
in the facial features comes in. It adds the spark or chemistry.
The secret to reading a person’s face is to read what you see and then look for
the consistent themes. (Please note that Face Reading is a tool for self-understanding
and introspection and is not a replacement for professional counseling or medical
When I started studying Face Reading in 1985, I read all the books on this topic
and realized that what made this system so difficult to practice accurately was that
in various books the same facial feature had contradictory psychological interpretations.
This was impossible to reconcile, and was at best very frustrating! Using my
clinical medical research background (UCSD), I took the data from 10,000 peoples’
faces (in my 500 classes and private sessions) and the feedback they gave me about
each of their facial features. The psychological meanings under each facial feature illustrated
in this book have been validated on a minimum of 50 people who said these
meanings are 100% accurate for them. So, this is how feature by feature, I compiled
hundreds of facial features and their psychological meanings.
In romantic compatibility we are comparing two faces. We are looking for 70%
similar and 30% different facial features. What does this mean?
“Matching” or “similar” Facial Features are:
1. Facial Features are exactly the same.
Both people have black hair or visible eyelids or square foreheads.
2. The eye colors are of the same intensity of color.
One has deep brown eyes, and the other has deep hazel eyes. One has light
blue eyes, and other has light green eyes.
3. The majority of the shapes of the features are similar.
Both have feeling predominant in their faces: rounded foreheads, round lower
eye areas, and full cheeks. Both have physical or angular features: huge
jaws, arched eyebrows and high cheek bones. Both have sensitive features:
narrow faces, fine bone structure, and close set eyes.
4. The textures in their features are the same.
Both have thick hair and eyebrows. Both have curly hair.
5. The radiance from the eyes is the same.
Eye radiance is the degree of warmth, compassion, and love that radiates
from a person’s eyes. It is the barometer for soul development.
But can people who are opposites attract and have happy lives together? Absolutely!
The facial features in this short booklet are just a few of the thousands of
features possible. Can your partner have none of these qualities listed for “Harmony,
Money, and Great Communication” and be a wonderful partner and parent? Of
course! It would be impossible to list all the facial features which make people emotionally
and spiritually unique and special.
In the following pages I have given just a beginning level of Face Reading – some
specific skills you can use to attract a wonderful partner. If you need extra help, please
contact me directly to get a personal face reading. I’ve helped hundreds of people to
choose satisfying careers that match their inner gifts and talents. For a reading, go to
my website and find “How to Get a Personal Reading” under the book section (www.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Lori, my boss at Sanders College, did an excellent job supervising accounting courses like the one I teach. Over tea one day she privately shared with me her distress over eminent budget cuts and financial set-backs including her staff’s salaries. “I’ve two kids to put through college. I’m not sure our family can make ends meet with the changes at the College.”

As she was a spiritually deep woman, I suggested we pray and ask for God’s guidance about this situation. As we focused an idea came to me, “Lori, have you applied to Riverton College (the rival school with a similar accounting program)? I see you getting the Director job there instead!”
Lori expressed that that was an impossibility as there was no job opening at Riverton College for what she does. Within two weeks Human Resources at Riverton posted a job for Director of Accounting services. Lori applied along with fifteen others. Three weeks passed when phoned to update me.
“There were four Interviews with so many qualified candidates for the job. Every time I got nervous about being selected, I remembered what you saw. Well, I’m calling you now — even before I call my Mom! — to let you know I got the job as Director! Thank you!”
(c) Copyright, August, 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.
For more stories, see "Prayer Encounters" on Kindle with amazon.com

Saturday, August 18, 2012

True Story - MIracles in our Time

                                                         BACK FROM THE BRINK

I answered my cell phone one afternoon to hear the voice of my friend Krista sobbing,
“Jeff’s just had a heart attack, and they’ve rushed him to the hospital.” Her
husband, a top CEO in Seattle, had been in good health. “Please pray for him!” she
cried uncontrollably. “I’m really scared.”

This humble, kind man had mentored and guided so many over the years and had
helped hundreds of homeless and hopeless people find jobs. I loved him like a brother
and Krista like a sister. After she and I had prayed together over the phone, I sat in
meditation and asked God to watch over Jeff and bless him. 

With loving confidence and with the unwavering conviction that God had complete control over this man’s
life, I immersed myself in prayer. Suddenly, a strong, intuitive feeling told me that Jeff was going to die on the operating table. From the depths of my soul, I silently beseeched God, “NO, NO, NO —
don’t take him! Keep this man alive! He has too much to live for. He is not ready to
go!” Then, my intensity and urgency vanished, giving way to serenity and peace.
At the point between the eyebrows, the center of God consciousness, I inwardly saw
a clock that read 2:00 and sensed that the surgeon had just realized that Jeff was in
more danger than he initially suspected. I saw Jeff being given more anesthesia as
the physician inserted two stents to make the walls of his heart stronger. Through the
grace of God, I felt Jeff being energetically pulled back from death.

A few weeks later after Jeff had returned home and was able to receive visitors, I told
him what I had seen. Astonished, he replied, “After I had recovered, the doctor told
me that I had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. It was right at 2:00 when he realized
I was dying, and he changed the course of my surgery. If not for your prayers, I
know I would not be here today. I’ve always been an atheist, but this experience has
changed me.”

(c) Copyright, August 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved. (For more stories see: "Prayer Encounters" on Kindle - Amazon.com)

Friday, August 17, 2012

The (Electric) Power of Prayer (True Story)

     With my heavy laundry basket nestled on my hip, I made my way to the laundry room on the property where I rented a small cottage.  My landlord approached to tell me that the washing machine wasn’t working.  Apparently, the electricity had gone out, and they were unable to find the breaker switch to get the washing machine back on.  Although she had owned the house for over four years, she had never needed to know where the breaker switch was.  It was hidden so well, in fact, that they had been searching for it for three days with no success. Upon hearing the news, I placed my laundry on the ground. 
      The thought came to me, “Lord, YOU know where the switch is.  Show me where it is!” 
      I then approached the washing machine, and my arm instinctively extended and tapped the wall of the adjacent cottage.  I distinctly heard a metal “click” sound.  I continued my exploration and crawled behind the cottage…where I discovered a metal box clearly labeled:  “Laundry Room Breaker Switch”.
(c) Copyright, August, 2012. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.
To see more of these stories go to Amazon.com under Kindle: 'Prayer Encounters"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st DATE? How to Know Dangerous Facial Features at a Glance

     Face September 11th I did a short project with the government to identify specific facial features found in terrorists to be used for baggage checkers at the airports. In working on the project I looked at hundreds of photos of FBI Most Wanted, murderers, gangsters, WW II spies, Hitler's Third Reich, outlaws of the Old West. In my work of over 30 years, in 6,000 faces (Guest on 50 national/local TV Shows) most people have GREAT faces. Using the system I developed to look at normal folks, I analytically reviewed photos of criminals. There are PATTERNS in the facial features found in criminals - visual cues that have nothing to do with ethnic background, age or gender.
     If you are Dating on the Internet, it is crucial that you know HOW to identify these facial features BEFORE you go on that 1st date! Given these specific visual cues, you'll be able to see them in the PHOTOS of propective dates. I've recently looked at eHarmony, Match, JDating, Cheminstry.com, and other sites, there are men and women currently on each site who have these Dangerous Facial Features.
What does that mean for YOU?
The body-mind is always recording what is happening in your emotions and your mind. Face reading is like being a tracker in the Old West - you just interprete the cues.
1. With the person looking straight ahead, the Eyes show white underneath. This area is called the sclera and is found under the colored part/pupil
2. Sunken, hollow cheek areas
3. Eyebrows that angle down towards the nose with the outer edge angling up towards the forehead
4. Unibrow, thick connected eyebrow, straight across the brow
5. Very tiny ears
6. Tiny mouth (smaller than the nose)
7. Ears that project out from the head at an unusual angle
     (For others, please see my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance on Amazom.com)
***IMPORTANT: You must evaluate the whole face (all of the facial features!) - Having one of these might not be "dangerous" - Having 4 of these is!!

(*My own philosophy is that anyone can change if they WISH to. Even a person with a criminal past who changes his/her thinking through 12-step groups, counseling, prayer work, medical intervention/medication can change his/her facial features to reflect the new, inner positive changes.)
(c) Copyright, March 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

YOUR $$ Style? Look at your NOSE

     DATING SOMEONE? and want to know more about his/her $$ STYE?
     In the ancient system of Face Reading the NOSE shape says something about our $$$ style - Is your nose large, small, high set to your mouth? As the body reflects our emotional habits and consciousness, YOUR nose might give some indications about your $ style. Are you wealthy? a spend thrift? frugal?
     Which are money style are YOU? Which are your friends and family?
     Check out my TYRA video to learn more about your $$ style! (And of course, there is free will! when it comes to how you handle your $$ !)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Face Readings for Oprah Producers

Oprah’s Producers
One morning I was a guest on a local TV News show, and one of the Oprah producers was present. After the segment, he took me aside and asked if I would read the faces of Oprah’s staff from video clips he had with him.
He lamented, “There’s one person we’re having trouble with. She doesn’t get along with anyone else, and it’s very stressful. Can you see who it is?”
He nodded as I verbally went through each producer’s face and management style. Then I stopped at Deborah, the person causing the problem. I said, “Others see her as a tyrant. She’s very dominant. And I think in a year Oprah will take her off the Show.”
“Deborah is Oprah’s best friend,” he countered. “Oprah would never fire her or let her go. She’s going to be there after we all leave!”
       A year later on the cover of TV Guide, I gazed at Deborah’s photo. Caption read: “Oprah fires her best friend. Staff sees her as ‘tyrant.’ She gets two million dollar severance package.”

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What is YOUR Soul Age?

      Your Soul Age is revealed in your eyes - the Radiance and inner depth that your eyes radiate. In the following video on youtube.com I talk about how to read your own Soul age and what this means for your happiness and your life. Please see the following morning TV show on "How to Read Soul Age." The deeper Soul Age reveals your deep maturity, compassion and spirituality. The younger Soul Age shows someone who is self-concerned and needs tight rules and regulations. Which are you? Take a look!