Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding: What Their Faces Say!

This week all eyes are on William and Kate. And many of us are thinking of Princess Diana and Charles. Will the new couple be happier than their parents? Will their marriage endure the press scrutiny and the emotional pressures unique to British royalty?

Face Reading, the ancient psychological system of understanding a person’s character from his facial features, can give us some definite clues about long term compatibility for William and Kate.

Our face is reflective of our emotional, spiritual and mental tendencies. Each of our facial features has a corresponding psychological meaning. Facial similarities can also determine how romantically compatible two people are. If most of the features are similar. it is more likely the relationship will be naturally harmonious.

Let’s look at the Royal couple and analyze their faces:
Kate’s face has the following facial features (and psychological meanings):
1. Tall, rounded forehead – great with people, an extrovert, intellectual
2. Strong chin and jaw – dynamic will power, inner resilience
3. Full, rounded cheeks – loving, strong feelings, affectionate
4. Dimples in the cheek area – fun loving, playful
5. Low-set eyebrows – friendly, approachable
6. Wide cheek area – sports oriented, and confident
7. Dark brown hair – family oriented, people oriented

William’s face has the following facial features (and psychological meanings):
1. Tall, square forehead – focused, thinker, hard worker
2. Strong chin and jaw – dynamic, sports oriented
3. Low-set eyebrows – friendly, approachable
4. Narrow, longer face with smaller eyes – detail oriented, thorough, observant
5. Sandy hair color – independent minded, gentle

Kate’s features emphasize a loving, fun, and bright person who will definitely be
embraced by the British public. Fun loving and dynamic, she will be enthusiastic about fulfilling public duties and functions. Friendly and approachable, she will be a breathe of fresh air to the traditional British royalty, like Princess Diana. William’s features reveal a more traditional. quieter nature, but a dynamic sports enthusiast. He will be pulled into the public by Kate’s energy and enthusiasm. His narrower face and tall forehead reveal a humanitarian side and desire to help his countrymen, which will inspire Kate. This is a good match, full of vitality and fun.

Featured on 50 national/local TV Shows (Tyra Banks, NBC Nightly News, Learning Channel), Barbara Roberts has read more than 6,000 faces in her 350 classes. Her book, Face Reading – How to Know Anyone at a Glance is featured on along with her TV/radio shows. Her background is clinical medical research from UCSD.