Monday, January 30, 2012

SPIRITUAL Introspection Made EASY!

Our facial features are a reflection of our emotional, spiritual and physical life patterns. The ancient system of Face Reading looks at each feature and gives it a psychological meaning. There are thousands of features - those we are born with (long ear lobes, wide mouth), those changes we see with makeup or hair, and those changes from plastic surgery, orthodontics or accidents.

The saints talk about the importance of Introspection - really seeing ourselves clearly if we are to progress in self understanding. Face Reading looks at our Inner Gifts and Life Lessons from the patterns of personality expressed in our face.

For more information about what YOUR face says about you, your spiritual and emotional life, please see: The brown book is oriented to self transformation and has hundreds of examples of features and their corresponding meanings.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

1st Date? What HAIR says about ROMANCE

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of reading a person's character from his/her facial features. In my 25 years of practice, I've read 6,000 faces in 400 classes and been on 50 national/local TV Shows. Here are some thoughts about Hair color and what it means for you!
     HAIR COLOR is a facial feature that can be real or from a box! but the hair color one chooses reflects a a person's inner nature - the way she/he likes to feel, the inner spirit. Below are specific psychological meanings that are accurate for a person with each HAIR COLOR. (If this is an ethnic feature as in black or brown hair for Hispanics or Orientals, in face reading you would ignore this one feature and go on to interprete other facial features which make that person spiritually unique.)

HAIR COLOR - What is he/she like on a Date?

BLACK HAIR: (means:) strong willed, intense, dominant
On a Date they might be like: "Impress me. Show me what you've got. Why should I be interested in you? Tell me."

BROWN HAIR (means:) family oriented, looks for emotional warmth and sincerety in others
On a Date they might be like: "Before we get serious, I need you to meet my children. Let's see if they like you."

BLONDE HAIR (means:) sunny disposition, confident, fun loving
On a Date they might be like: "Let me give you these donuts for your morning break." "What else can we do for this (angry) client to win back his business to the firm?"

RED HAIR (means:) dramatic, intense, fiery
On a Date they might be like: "I'm very passionate and need someone who is also." "Do you feel deeeply about things?"


FINE HAIR (means:) sensitive nervous system. If stressed, the person may have digestive problems
COARSE HAIR (means:) love of the outdoors, strong body energy
STRAIGHT HAIR (means:) direct, straight forward, says what they mean
CURLY HAIR (means:) fun loving, funny, playful

     There are thousands of facial features, and you want to combine many of them to tell you what a peron is really like. Future Blogs will analyze Eye color, teeth shape, forehead structure, and jaw and chin dynamic. See for Barbara Roberts' NEW BOOK: FACE READING - HOW TO READ ANYONE AT A GLANCE (PDF/IPAD/paperback on and 20 live TV Shows on "Face Reading" on
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What does YOUR EYE SHAPE say about your Personality?

Face Reading looks at facial features assigning psychological meanings for each one. How accurate is this? In over 6,000 faces I've read, this system is about 90-95% accurate in reading a person's character.
Eye size says a lot about how observant you are. Very small eyes (compared to the bone structure of the face) means you are extremely observant to details and what is happening around you.
Large eyes reflects a warm, sympathetic and romantic nature.
Rounding under the eye shows a feeling, caring, empathetic nature.
A flat area under the eyes may indicate a person who waits to 'see' what will happen and could be cautious.

Look up your Facial Features in my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, featured in PDF/IPAD/paperback on

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Question: "I'm shy, what features show (s)he will be a loyal friend?"

     Because Face Reading is a spiritual/psychological system of understanding a person's character from his/her facial features, it can help us to understand others on a very deep level. Barbara Roberts has appeared on over 50+ national/local TV Shows reading live studio audiences. Her book looks at friendship and romance and gives specific clues to how to choose friends or a life partner who matches your inner life goals and your personality. (Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance is on - PDF/IPAD/paperback)
     Every facial feature has a corresponding psychological meaning(s) and the face has at least 10 features which must be understood together to reveal a person's true inner nature. This system is universal for people of all ethnic backgrounds, ages and genders.
     Tyra Banks said of Barbara: "I thank you for coming on my Shows and want to applaud your honoring ethnic diversity in all ways in your work."
     There are several facial features that specific for kindness, warmth and sympathy. These include a rounded forehead line (someone who loves people and is a friend-magnet), full cheeks (feeling-sympathetic person), full lips (generous and affectionate), a wide mouth (loving).
     In friendship we also seek to be heard, listened to, and features that are outstanding for that are: Large ears (someone who tunes into the big picture), long earlobes (spiritual, truth seeker), and a rounded ball on the tip of the nose (indicates a person who people talk to.) Also, it's nice if your new friend has a narrow upper lip and a full lower lip, which means someone who does not repeat or gossip about what you are telling them.
     The eyes play a key role in our friend having the same 'vision' as we do - The optimum is a clear gaze, one which is full of compassion and bright eyes. Of course, when we are ill the eyes are dull so it's nice to see a person over time to determine if (s)he will be compatible for you as a friend.
     Some psychological tendencies related to eye colors - Topics the person may be interested in (as Patterns in personality): Green eyed people are curious and love to learn. Often folks with hazel eyes are easily bored, like a lot of variety and enjoy topics of healing and insight. Blue/grey eyed people may be analytical with the emotions and interested in why people do what they do and psychology. When a Caucasian person has brown hair and brown eyes it is an indicator of 'family first' and warmth and friendliness if you become part of their extended 'family.'
     Some other features which are sweet are a rounded chin and jaw area, which means love and children and animals. Someone who is loving in their life will also be loving with you. In friendship as in romance, it is important to move slowing emotionally - getting to know a person over time in a variety of situations.
     And a very lovely affirmation given by the yogi Yogananda is:
"As I radiate love and good will to others, I open the channel for God's love to flow to me. Divine Love is the magnet that draws to me all good."
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 readers comment on Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance

"Best I've Read on this subject; the author shows she knows her craft exceptionally well."
     I received the book quickly, and it is the best I have read so far. I am slowly trying to digest it. This is a topic I have studied for years, but this is a different approach to the subject that makes a lot more sense than the other books I have read. This author obviously knows her craft exceptionally well, and is therefore able to communicate this effectively in the book, so that the reader leaves not only understanding, but being able to apply the various principles with practice and study. Sandy Farmer, Half Moon Bay California

"Amazingly helpful" By Nikki (San Diego)
     I am new to Barbara's books and classes. She was recommended to me by a friend and from the Tyra Banks program. This book is extraordinary clear, precise and accurate. Not only have I learned more about reading other people, but I have learned some very helpful insights about myself. I have gained insight into some of my own characteristics, like why I am able to spend money freely. I have also learned why some of my relationships with people (bosses, friends, family) in my life have either worked or haven't. It is also fun to watch TV or read People Magazine to learn more about actors by using the knowledge I've gained from Barbara's book and to predict whether or not relationships will work out!
"Wonderful! Amazing! Right on!" By Adreienne
     Barb's system in her book is based on facts (and is accurate) not heresay. You can discover the hidden truth in each person through their face. I found this enlightening. Loved reading it!!

    In my medical practice, Face Reading has given me a more profound insight into people's symptoms, these may be related and how to help people live fuller lives on many levels. Meeting Barbara has been a blessing in my life both personally and professionally. I have enjoyed her workshops as well as her consultations. You inevitably come away with lifelong invaluable tools. - E. Llorente, MD, Fountain Valley, California

     Barbara’s face reading work helped me immediately – in understanding my patients and staff. Hers is AMAZING work! Fascinating and easy to understand. I enthusiastically recommend this to anyone who wants to understand people at a glance! - C.King, MD

    In my individual session with Barbara, she directed me to my life’s work, which I would not have thought of my own. I couldn’t be happier with the peace and fulfillment it has brought me. I am doing what I love! - R. Winrow, Owner of European Skin Centre.

     I am so impressed by the accuracy of (Barbara’s) book... Simply amazing. I can hardly believe I didn't know about this before. I have been seeing people so differently since studying the book and am so excited to have additional insight into my own life.- J. Borba Von Stauffenberg, San Diego, California

     Barbara is an amazing teacher. She took the ancient knowledge and converts it into an easy to learn and use technology for today. I was able to apply hat I learned immediately to both business and personal life. - N. Johnson, Owner of National Marketing Company

     I applied all I learned from Roberts’ books, and it has totally changed the way I view people and situations!!!– D. Che, L.A. Producer, Hollywood, California

     I work with a lot of people each day, actually about 100. I meet all sorts of personalities. I use these skills with my clients and co-workers. I wish I had read her books years ago. It would have helped me with my personal and professional life a lot!!!– Q. Doan, San Diego, California

     Thank you all for your kind words! :) Barbara

Friday, January 6, 2012

MILITARY MATTERS (Face Reading Short Story - Fictional)

Alexander the Great, his broad shoulders and flowing robe was pacing before his teacher, Aristotle.

“Sit down, Alex, you’re making me nervous.” The huge elephant of a conqueror plopped down on his thrown.

“I just don’t know what to do, Aris. It’s all making me crazy. We’re losing men in the Western province, and my feet are hurting. Just can’t find the right sandal maker.”

“OK. OK. Well, let’s look at one problem at a time, like I taught you when you were a boy. You’ve conquered Mesopotamia by land and brought 8,000 men over the mountain ridge into Constantinople last week. How did the elephants fare? I heard there was a rainstorm, and some of them lost their footing in the mud.”

“Only lost three elephants out of 80, but, dang, those things are heavy to move when they go down! Have a good elephant man though, and he pulled them through. Seems like the trainer had cut back on their rations. That’s all. Just needed to feed them on the spot, and they were right as rain. Excuse the pun.” Alexander fidgeted with his crown.

“So let’s go to our maps, and see where we need reinforcements this week.” Aristotle’s noble face turned to his friend and student. “You know. I can’t always be doing this for you. I’m needed at the Pantheon to do my gig at the Acropolis. Don’t want to spread myself too thin, if you know what I mean. But for you, Alex, anything.”

“Thanks, my friend. I feel better knowing I can talk this over. Even conquerors need down time. Can your page here bring me some wine and bread? Haven’t eaten since breakfast, and I am used to my three squares. After all, I’m a growing boy.” Aristotle let his eyes roll, and both men laughed. Alexander’s massive body rivaled some of the elephants.

“OK. So the provinces are done. Now, how are the captured peoples?” Aristotle went through their usual list of items conquerors need to attend to.

“Just checking that all are being treated well. You know, it’s important for your image to be extra kind to the foreigners. Don’t let your men get sloppy or take food out of their homes. Doesn’t look good, and after all – your army is the highest paid in centuries. They can certainly learn to act like gentlemen after a battle.” Aristotle reached for his healing beverage. He wasn’t a liquor sort of guy. Tarnished his reputation as a thinker.

“Aris,” the younger one looked up. “ I need some new generals for the overland conquests. Some of our older men want to go home and be with their families. Say they’ve been gone too long and miss their kids. What should I be looking for in the incoming batch? Any new qualities upcoming for leadership?”

Aristotle nodded. “The new scholars in Greece have been talking about something called “physiognomy” or “Face Reading.” It’s all the rave in the sun cities. And easy to understand. I’ve started incorporating it into my own work. Last week I met with Socrates, who was really with it for once. He had heard of it, too. Sometimes he’s a bit too cerebral, but no one is perfect.

“So how does it work, Aris? I want to get the top of the crop of the men coming into the field, if you know what I mean.” Alexander liked to make farming references as he knew nothing about land and wanted to appear intellectually boarder. As he wasn’t always the sharpest sword in the sheath.

Aristotle got out his writing board that he issued for visuals. “For your uses, let’s see. You’d need a solder that has these qualities:
Brave and fearless in battle.
Quick and mentally agile. Able to grasp complicated battle strategies.
Sort of rugged looking. Outdoorsy sort of guy. Able to enjoy living in
put up tents year round.
Powerful looking. Looks like he would command leadership over the
Able to inspire the men, so they follow and don’t take the camels
in the other direction.
Approachable. Can throw a mean dice and joke it up with the troops.

“So what does a man like this look like?”
Aristotle walked back and forth in front of the throne popping grapes in his mouth. “OK, here’s what Face Reading stuff says you’ll need. They are called “Facial Features.” Physical Patterns. And his look would includes these features.” He raised his chalk to write.

Alexander sat up to pay attention. He had to memorize the information and burn it into his huge head. There won’t much papyrus to go around these days, and plus, his robe didn’t have any pockets. Direct recall was the best even if it hurt all his brain cells to think too much. Those metal helmets in battle had been too small, he told himself.

Aristotle continued, “You’ll want a ‘big, broad wide forehead’ for the strategy part, so he will be clever and smarter than his commander.” He winked good naturedly at his friend. ‘High cheek bones’ means loves to travel. You’ll need that. A man on the go doesn’t take a lot of toiletries. ‘Full, thick beard’ shows outdoors person. Those ‘sparse beards’ mean a man is immature. Might just stop into his middle of a battle and have an outdoor cook-out. Can’t have that. Key is the jaw structure. All great warriors and leaders, men of state who move the world have ‘huge jaws’ and ‘forward thrusting chins.’ That’s really the key, Alex. Look for the ‘huge jaw and forward chin,’ and I bet the others will follow.”

Alexander nodded. So much less to remember. He liked this Face Reading stuff better all the time. No need to cloud his mind with too many information.

“For the being a ‘guy’s guy,’ I’d go with the ‘big front teeth’ and a ‘wide mouth.’ Makes a man strong and forceful with a tinge of rollicking laughter. Kind of adds a nice touch, don’t you think? Sometimes also ‘very small eyes’ and elephant ‘big ears’ help. Kind of a blend of someone who is watchful and also listens well. That way you don’t have to pay the spies as much. They usually want too many coins for travel time. And sometimes they work on both sides if they feel they’re unappreciated by us.”

“Isn’t that the truth!” Alexander nodded. “So we’ve got ourselves a visual composite for a great general. Thanks so much for the tips.”

“And just remember that it doesn’t make any different what province or tribe the soldier comes from. These are universal facial features that apply to all men, women and children of all ages.” Aristotle put down his chalk and came to sit on his simple chair near the throne.

“Righted, tighty then,” nodded Alexander. “So how are the boys at the Pantheon, Aris? What else is new?” And they went on to other topics.

© Copyright, July, 2009. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved. See Barbara's website

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ROMANCE Fun! Short Story

MatchU4Love Dating Service

Jason sighed. If this date became any more of a gold digger, she’d be sitting on his lap taking out his dental fillings. He really needed to change his “MatchU4Love” Profile on the “Income” line. Take off the “millionaire” entry. Yes, he owned his own company and was darn proud of it, but perhaps he shouldn’t advertise it on first dates.

Back at his desk he told Keri, his budget manager, that he’d be in “conference” and went in to reread his “Man on the Go Looking for Independent Woman” Profile title bar. “OK. Got to rework this one,” he mumbled. “I’ll leave the photo - after all, I’m tall, dark, and handsome – and humble.”

After fifty eight dates – women who were tall, short, blonde, brunette, red head, corporate investors, homemakers, childless, with children, rich, poor, he’d reached his limit for even a “man on the go.” Perhaps an image change? Perhaps a lobotomy.

He barely cleared Keri’s desk as he walked out of the office on his way to lunch. She looked up. Sensitive to every nuance of his walk, she inquired, “Bad day, eh, Jason?” They were attuned to each other not because they were steamy closet lovers at work, but because she was his sister. They’d been competing siblings over cookies and Mom, but now they had settled into harmonious bantering.

“Keri, I’m lost in this dating world. Help me! Help me! You are my only hope,” he did his best impersonation of Princess Leah talking to Obi-Wan. His sister put down her Excel printout and looked into his very blue but sad eyes. “You know I read all the current women’s self-help books,” Keri began in the way only an older sister can totally bore a brother to tears.

He controlled his gag reflex. “SO?” He rolled his eyes indicating if he heard any more feminine psychobabble, he would ask God to reincarnate him as a turtle.

“Well, there’s this woman who went on Tyra Banks last month. Her name is Barbara Roberts, and she wrote a book called FACE READING – How to Know Anyone at a Glance. It’s the new way to find romance. Tyra really liked her. Look here,” she motioned to an open page from the book. “See, you have these facial features:
Blue eyes
Square forehead line
Vertical line above your nose
Strong jaw
Good naso-labial lines
Wide mouth
Large ears
Full cheeks

“You’ve been ‘looking for love in all the wrong places,’ my little brother. Get off “MatchU4Love,” and stop paying that gypsy at “Cupid will Deliver.” Jason immediately confiscated the FACE READING book from her desk, tucked it under his arm and left the office in a far better mood that he’d been in in a long time.

Patterns. Facial Patterns.

It was midnight. He had read the whole book. My face has Patterns. All I need to do is just match the Patterns in my face to the Patterns in her face!

“There might be hope,” and he turned over to Massie, his German Shepard, who as currently take up half of his bed. “They’ll soon be someone to replace you, my girl.” And he gave her an affectionate ear scratching.

Not long after, he was at the airport meeting his client Phil. The plane was delayed, so he got his Starbuck’s caramel latte and blueberry scone and popped open his paper to wait. A woman carrying a laptop approached the seat next to him. Blue silk suit holding a cell phone. He looked over just in time to catch a “HI”-nod and went on reading the local news.

When she finished talking and started adjusting her cup’s tea bag, she turned to ask, “Waiting for the Phoenix incoming flight?”

“Yep. My client Phil is on it. How abut you?” As they spoke he regarded her closely. She seemed amazingly familiar for someone he had never met. Then his mind clicked into the facial feature composite of his “ideal” woman. Cassie. One after one, he counted off their compatible facial features. He became so excited, he mentally he was begging God to be close to this woman, but he was trying not to grovel. He was chaffing at the bit to ask if she was single and was practically salivating as he listened to her describe her normal life. When she wanted to know about his life and interests, he was incredulous that a woman would ask about him. By the time Phil walked out of Gate 24, Jason had already planned the wedding and bought his tuxedo.

After he introduced Phil to Cassie, he turned to her. “Here, let me give you my card.” They both said that at the same time. Cassie blushed. He smiled.

As he guided Phil into his office and passed Keri’s desk, Jason gave her the thumbs up-signal and mouthed, “I’ll tell you later.”

Well, Massie and Arnold, Cassie’s German Shepard, became a regular on walks in the park, Friday night movies at home, Saturday picnics and morning coffees. Together they watched the seasons change and laughed and talked through Christmas, Easter and July 4th.

In the Fall Jason turned to Massie before he set his alarm for work, “Massie, it’s time for you to start sleeping on the floor. Cassie and Arnold are coming to live here.” He thought he saw Massie smile before she rolled over and started snoring.

(c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts, 2011. All rights reserved.