Wednesday, January 30, 2013


     Single? Dating on the Internet? Face Reading will give you the short-cut keys to know if you are romantically compatible with the person you are dating!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's character from his or her Facial Features. Every feature has at least three psychological meanings for someone who has it, and in Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, (my brown book on this site for $20-$25) I  look at over 150 features and give their psychological meanings. Also, the NEW 2013 PDF on "Romance" outlines specific features to look for in an ideal mate ($12 on this site).
       A news anchor, Laura Buxton, once told me, "If only I had know about you when it came to men, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!"

The LIPS and the CHEEK areas will show the degree of feeling and personal warmth your date will be able to give you. Here are some Cheek and Lip types and what they mean!

Cheek Types:
ROUND CHEEKS - warm, loving, caring, big heart

FLAT CHEEKS - might be more mentally oriented, analytical, slow to express intense emotions

HIGH CHEEK BONES - loves to travel, wants to be self-employed, high spirited

Lip Types:
LARGE, WIDE MOUTH - (Pres Obama) generous, affectionate, warm hearted

TINY MOUTH - (Henry 8th) self absorbed, has rich fantasy life, may be dangerous to cross swords with

THIN UPPER LIP, BIG LOWER LIP - person who takes in information and doesn't gossip, good with personal confidences

HUGE LOWER LIP - (Elvis) sensual, sultry

It's important to look at the whole face and combine all the features together. The above gives only general meanings.  Check out my 20 TV Shows on, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook ("Face Reading - Barbara Roberts")
(c) Copyright, February 1, 2012. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Metaphysical Jargon VS Realization

      Some folks have the metaphysical words down but miss the Inner realization which brings the Light. The current buzz is that IF you are not "manifesting" (lots of $$$) that you are somehow not "Spiritual." My answer is: St. Francis healed the sick and raised the dead, yet he was blind and lived in poverty. But he knew God and lived in the Bliss of God.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I answered my cell phone one afternoon to hear the voice of my friend Krista sobbing,
“Jeff’s just had a heart attack, and they’ve rushed him to the hospital.” Her
husband, a top CEO in Seattle, had been in good health. “Please pray for him!” she
cried uncontrollably. “I’m really scared.”

This humble, kind man had mentored and guided so many over the years and had
helped hundreds of homeless and hopeless people find jobs. I loved him like a brother
and Krista like a sister. After she and I had prayed together over the phone, I sat in
meditation and asked God to watch over Jeff and bless him. 

With loving confidence and with the unwavering conviction that God had complete control over this 
man's life, I immersed myself in prayer. Suddenly, a strong, intuitive feeling told me that Jeff was going to die on the operating table. From the depths of my soul, I silently pleaded with God, “NO, NO, NO — don’t take him! Keep this man alive! He has too much to live for. He is not ready to go!” Then, my intensity and urgency vanished, giving way to serenity and peace.

At the point between the eyebrows, the center of God consciousness, I inwardly saw
a clock that read 2:00 and sensed that the surgeon had just realized that Jeff was in
more danger than he initially suspected. I saw Jeff being given more anesthesia as
the physician inserted two stents to make the walls of his heart stronger. Through the
grace of God, I felt Jeff being energetically pulled back from death.

A few weeks later after Jeff had returned home and was able to receive visitors, I told
him what I had seen. Astonished, he replied, “After I had recovered, the doctor told
me that I had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. It was right at 2:00 when he realized
I was dying, and he changed the course of my surgery. If not for your prayers, I
know I would not be here today. I’ve always been an atheist, but this experience has
changed me.”

(c) Copyright, August 2012, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved. (For more stories see: "Prayer Encounters" on Kindle -

Friday, January 18, 2013

Your EYES = Your SOUL Age

     Yes, the eyes are the 'windows to the soul' - but Face Reading goes far, far beyond this quote to really identify the level of Inner development of a person.The clip below, which I did on San Diego Morning TV analyses two eyes. Soul Age has nothing to do with eye color or ethnic background. It only applied to the Radiance coming from a person's eyes.
      I call the first a 'young' soul - the energy radiating from the eyes is flat, cold, or cruel. When you look at that person's eyes, there is no warmth or compassion. Sometimes (and not all) models have this flat aspect. In 'young' souls their desire is to play, and they respond to rules and regulations. Criminals may also have very flat, cruel or vacant eye radiance.
      The second group in the video I refer to as 'old' souls. People like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, The Dalhi Lama, Yogananda, and St. Therese of Lisieux are examples of people who have this dynamic love, radiance, wisdom, and joy pouring from their eyes. They beam out goodness! When we look at them, we can get lost in their eyes.
      So please check out the video below. It features St. Therese of Lisieux, a French saint who wrote, The Little Flower, a beautiful book on how to do little things for God, and Paramahansa Yogananda, author or Autobiography of a Yogi, a spiritual classic of his life in India and the great masters he met.
     The link is: 
     For more information on Soul Age please see my brown book on this website:, which is featured in PDF/IPAD/paperback.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

MatchU4Love Dating Service (Face Reading Romance)

Jason sighed. If this date became any more of a gold digger, she’d be sitting on his lap taking out his dental fillings. He really needed to change his “MatchU4Love” Profile on the “Income” line. Take off the “millionaire” entry. Yes, he owned his own company and was darn proud of it, but perhaps he shouldn’t advertise it on first dates.
Back at his desk he told Keri, his budget manager, that he’d be in “conference” and went in to reread his “Man on the Go Looking for Independent Woman” Profile title bar. “OK. Got to rework this one,” he mumbled. “I’ll leave the photo - after all, I’m tall, dark, and handsome – and humble.”

After fifty eight dates – women who were tall, short, blonde, brunette, red head, corporate investors, homemakers, childless, with children, rich, poor, he’d reached his limit for even a “man on the go.” Perhaps an image change? Perhaps a lobotomy.

He barely cleared Keri’s desk as he walked out of the office on his way to lunch. She looked up. Sensitive to every nuance of his walk, she inquired, “Bad day, eh, Jason?” They were attuned to each other not because they were steamy closet lovers at work, but because she was his sister. They’d been competing siblings over cookies and Mom, but now they had settled into harmonious bantering.

“Keri, I’m lost in this dating world. Help me! Help me! You are my only hope,” he did his best impersonation of Princess Leah talking to Obi-Wan. His sister put down her Excel printout and looked into his very blue but sad eyes. “You know I read all the current women’s self-help books,” Keri began in the way only an older sister can totally bore a brother to tears.

He controlled his gag reflex. “SO?” He rolled his eyes indicating if he heard any more feminine psychobabble, he would ask God to reincarnate him as a turtle.

“Well, there’s this woman who went on Tyra Banks last month. Her name is Barbara Roberts, and she wrote a book called FACE READING – How to Know Anyone at a Glance. It’s the new way to find romance. Tyra really liked her. Look here,” she motioned to an open page from the book. “See, you have these facial features:
Blue eyes
Square forehead line
Vertical line above your nose
Strong jaw
Good naso-labial lines
Wide mouth
Large ears
Full cheeks

“You’ve been ‘looking for love in all the wrong places,’ my little brother. Get off “MatchU4Love,” and stop paying that gypsy at “Cupid will Deliver.” Jason immediately confiscated the FACE READING book from her desk, tucked it under his arm and left the office in a far better mood that he’d been in in a long time.

Patterns. Facial Patterns.

It was midnight. He had read the whole book. My face has Patterns. All I need to do is just match the Patterns in my face to the Patterns in her face!

“There might be hope,” and he turned over to Massie, his German Shepard, who as currently take up half of his bed. “They’ll soon be someone to replace you, my girl.” And he gave her an affectionate ear scratching.

Not long after, he was at the airport meeting his client Phil. The plane was delayed, so he got his Starbuck’s caramel latte and blueberry scone and popped open his paper to wait. A woman carrying a laptop approached the seat next to him. Blue silk suit holding a cell phone. He looked over just in time to catch a “HI”-nod and went on reading the local news.

When she finished talking and started adjusting her cup’s tea bag, she turned to ask, “Waiting for the Phoenix incoming flight?”

“Yep. My client Phil is on it. How abut you?” As they spoke he regarded her closely. She seemed amazingly familiar for someone he had never met. Then his mind clicked into the facial feature composite of his “ideal” woman. Cassie. One after one, he counted off their compatible facial features. He became so excited, he mentally he was begging God to be close to this woman, but he was trying not to grovel. He was chaffing at the bit to ask if she was single and was practically salivating as he listened to her describe her normal life. When she wanted to know about his life and interests, he was incredulous that a woman would ask about him. By the time Phil walked out of Gate 24, Jason had already planned the wedding and bought his tuxedo.

After he introduced Phil to Cassie, he turned to her. “Here, let me give you my card.” They both said that at the same time. Cassie blushed. He smiled.

As he guided Phil into his office and passed Keri’s desk, Jason gave her the thumbs up-signal and mouthed, “I’ll tell you later.”

Well, Massie and Arnold, Cassie’s German Shepard, became a regular on walks in the park, Friday night movies at home, Saturday picnics and morning coffees. Together they watched the seasons change and laughed and talked through Christmas, Easter and July 4th.

In the Fall Jason turned to Massie before he set his alarm for work, “Massie, it’s time for you to start sleeping on the floor. Cassie and Arnold are coming to live here.” He thought he saw Massie smile before she rolled over and started snoring.

(c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts, 2011. All rights reserved.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Face Reading Story - Oprah's Producers Visits

One morning I was a guest on a local TV News show, and one of the Oprah producers was present. After the segment, he took me aside and asked if I would read the faces of Oprah’s staff from video clips he had with him.
He lamented, “There’s one person we’re having trouble with. She doesn’t get along with anyone else, and it’s very stressful. Can you see who it is?”
He nodded as I verbally went through each producer’s face and management style. Then I stopped at Deborah, the person causing the problem. I said, “Others see her as a tyrant. She’s very dominant. And I think in a year Oprah will take her off the Show.”
“Deborah is Oprah’s best friend,” he countered. “Oprah would never fire her or let her go. She’s going to be there after we all leave!”
       A year later on the cover of TV Guide, I gazed at Deborah’s photo. Caption read: “Oprah fires her best friend. Staff sees her as ‘tyrant.’ She gets two million dollar severance package.”

Sunday, January 6, 2013

True Stories from Face Reading CLIENTS

“All is not as it appears”
In another session at my house, Massie walked into my office and turned to her forty year
old Japanese friend who looked very worried and tired. “Barbara will know.

You’ll see. It’ll be OK.”

The woman produced a photo of her husband of twelve years. “He’s the head minister
of a huge church. No one believes me,” she sobbed.

I took the photo and covered the right side, then the left side of his face. The feeling
coming from his right side (his work life as a famous minister) was confident and
determined. However, the left side (his personal life with his wife and children) was
completely different — cruel, brutal, and calculating.

“He’s hurting you and the kids, isn’t he?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes. And no one sees it.” she cried. “Everyone thinks he’s so wonderful,
and the children have welts on their backs from him beating them.” We spent
the next hour talking about her getting psychological and legal help for her and the

 He was a street angel and a home devil.

“My husband, Jake, is lazy. He’s not earning enough money to support us. He does . .” and Lacey continued for twenty minutes criticizing her husband.

When I took his photo, I saw a man who looked sad and work worn, but was not otherwise negative.
Pondering his face as she spoke, I looked up to see her glassy focus, the wide area
between her eyes and ears (indicating a person who would overindulge in the senses),
and her tiny ears. I felt an intuition move across my heart in the calm, peaceful way
it does when something is accurate. Not all her ‘cards’ were on the table, and the
‘excess’ in her face had something to do with drugs and alcohol.

I leaned in to ask, “I hear that you wish to leave Jake. However, will leaving him solve
your cocaine addiction?”

Her mouth dropped open, and her eyes bugged out, “How did you know I’m a cocaine
addict?” she stammered.

I said, “The same way I know…” and I continued to outline other aspects of her life
as she nodded slowly. Then we spoke about her starting Narcotics Anonymous (a 12-
step program) to work on her drug habit, which she thought was “hidden.”

An Upscale Hair Salon
The red and green ornaments for Christmas were scattered throughout the large
room. Festive music played, and chocolate desserts were laid out on long tables. But
no one was moving. Forty people gathered behind me to listen as I read one face after
another. Laughing, good humored snickers and some applause resounded behind

An older gentleman sat down, and I focused on his big money nose, bushy eyebrows,
and determined chin. Definitely an entrepreneur! A man whose nose told me he was
very wealthy. I went with my intuitive hunch, “John, does the word ‘franchise’ mean
anything to you?”

Uproarious laughter surrounded me in stereo. “I guess that means ‘Yes?’” my eyebrows
went up. His wife turned to me, “He owns 80 franchises.”

Blessings of a Saint
An older woman sat down quietly on the edge of a chair. It was a crowded room with
a cloud of smoke and loud talking, so I could barely hear her voice. Her radiant eyes,
clear and deep, revealed a spiritual seeker. Full cheeks showed deep feeling, and her
bone structure was narrow and delicate. All these features showed she was deeply
religious and devotional. As we spoke, my intuition became alert, and I perceived the
presence of a saint next to her.

“Do you have any connection with Padre Pio?” I asked.

“Padre Pio!!” she exclaimed as I heard her thick Italian accent. “Why he baptized my mother
and father and healed my brother! I grew up in the town where he lived. I love him!”

“He’s here blessing you,” I smiled. We sat and shared the moment of his
sacred presence.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Your $$ Style = Your NOSE Shape

YOUR $$ Style? Look at your NOSE

     DATING SOMEONE? and want to know more about his/her $$ STYE?
     In the ancient system of Face Reading the NOSE shape says something about our $$$ style - Is your nose large, small, high set to your mouth? As the body reflects our emotional habits and consciousness, YOUR nose might give some indications about your $ style. Are you wealthy? a spend thrift? frugal?
     Which are money style are YOU? Which are your friends and family?
     Check out my TYRA video to learn more about your $$ style! (And of course, there is free will! when it comes to how you handle your $$ !)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Romance Compatiblity 70/30% - How does it work?

Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of character reading.
All life involves understanding others. Our personal success and happiness
depend on it. Face reading gives us the inner track in relationships. It looks at the
core of a person and tells us who he really is. Your face tells the story of your life. Like a tracker in the Old West, everything is there for someone who knows how to look. We look at people, but we don’t really
see them. Face Reading will teach you how to see and understand them as you never
have before.

With Face Reading the original idea is to list a person’s facial features and then
assign to each one psychological meaning(s) that would be true for that person. Our
emotional and spiritual life is recorded in the body, and especially in the face; so the
facial features express our innate way of thinking and behaving. (Example: rounding
in the cheeks and eye areas expresses more warmth and feeling, and these are the
facial feature meanings for those areas.)

I have taken the concept of facial features and divided them into three categories:
1. Those features we are born with (as in the shape of the ear lobe, eye color, hair
2. Features which reflect how we would like to look (make-up, hair coloring)
3. Those that are the result of accidents, skin cancer, orthodontia and/or plastic surgery
(scarring, facial burns, teeth straightening)

Because face reading focuses on facial features, which are universal for all ethnic
groups, ages, and genders, two people can be romantically compatible even though
they come from different continents or ethnic backgrounds. The key is that their
facial features are similar. For intimate relationships to be lasting and harmonious,
70% of the facial features for a couple must match or be similar. Would this get boring
to have someone whose inner flow is like ours? No. That is where the 30% difference
in the facial features comes in. It adds the spark or chemistry.

The secret to reading a person’s face is to read what you see and then look for
the consistent themes. (Please note that Face Reading is a tool for self-understanding
and introspection and is not a replacement for professional counseling or medical

When I started studying Face Reading in 1985, I read all the books on this topic
and realized that what made this system so difficult to practice accurately was that
in various books the same facial feature had contradictory psychological interpretations.
This was impossible to reconcile, and was at best very frustrating! Using my
clinical medical research background (UCSD), I took the data from 10,000 peoples’
faces (in my 400 classes and private sessions) and the feedback they gave me about
each of their facial features. The psychological meanings under each facial feature illustrated
in this book have been validated on a minimum of 50 people who said these
meanings are 100% accurate for them. So, this is how feature by feature, I compiled
hundreds of facial features and their psychological meanings.
In romantic compatibility we are comparing two faces. We are looking for 70%
similar and 30% different facial features. What does this mean?

“Matching” or “similar” Facial Features are:
1. Facial Features are exactly the same.
Both people have black hair or visible eyelids or square foreheads.
2. The eye colors are of the same intensity of color.
One has deep brown eyes, and the other has deep hazel eyes. One has light
blue eyes, and other has light green eyes.
3. The majority of the shapes of the features are similar.
Both have feeling predominant in their faces: rounded foreheads, round lower
eye areas, and full cheeks. Both have physical or angular features: huge
jaws, arched eyebrows and high cheek bones. Both have sensitive features:
narrow faces, fine bone structure, and close set eyes.
4. The textures in their features are the same.
Both have thick hair and eyebrows. Both have curly hair.
5. The radiance from the eyes is the same.
Eye radiance is the degree of warmth, compassion, and love that radiates
from a person’s eyes. It is the barometer for soul development.

NEW for 2013 PDF/IPAD of Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance on OR To get a personal reading, please see the website for the box called “How to Get a Personal Reading."