Monday, October 19, 2015


Face Reading books...I get book orders from all over the world every week. Today orders from New Zealand and South Korea! Firsts!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015


The best job to have is some service to others wherein we are always learning and growing. A job that opens one's heart to seeing and hearing others as they really are and as they'd like to be. A job that widens one's understanding of all ethnic groups, ages and genders. A creative job wherein you use your skill differently every day, depending on the person, their needs, and their desires. A job that is principled and ethnical, yet has a tenderness to trauma and suffering. That for me is the perfect job. And that IS my job!

What would YOURS look like?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Face Reading and Physical Beauty

After looking at over 10,000 people in my Classes and personal sessions, I've done sessions for famous actors, political leaders, CEO's and unemployed folks, military leaders, spiritual mystics, WW II spies, drug dealers and prostitutes. What is the common thread of all these Sessions? We all share the hope for happiness and longing for love.

What of physical beauty - Is it only for the rich who can afford it? What I've seen instead is that  beauty comes is in those people (no matter their outer circumstance) who are genuine and kind, warm, and good hearted. They strive for a nobility and spirituality  (not necessarily the same as 'religion'). Even with all sorts of physical deformities or skin cancer, or whatever, these folks have beautiful faces (not necessarily 'perfect' features).

When I teach Classes on Romance, one thing my students tell me (and I agree):  'gorgeous' women or incredibly 'handsome' men become 'ugly' over time when their actions are malicious or mean spirited. And on the other hand those of us who are just 'average' looking, over time become 'beautiful' because we are reflecting kindness, love, and sincerity...

Any comments?