Monday, December 14, 2020

What did Jesus Look Like?


What did Jesus look like?
At the holy season of his birth, our minds are turned to the presence of Christ that we might draw closer to him in a personal way. We feel him in our hearts and want to know him better. We are used to understanding people as we look at their faces. So what did Jesus look like? In art history around the world, all cultures portray Jesus differently. In the Orient, mosaics of him show him with upward slanted eyes and black hair. In the West, sometimes we see him as blonde and blue eyed. One of the Catholic mystics, Catherine Emmerick, who herself received the Stigmata (like St. Francis of Assisi - which confirms her deep, close relationship with Christ) - said that he had 'blonde' hair in her first Volume about his life and teachings.
Another mystic, saint who saw Christ in Visions said the artist's Hoffman painting of Christ (the one often found in churches) is the closest portrayal to his face. What can we see in his facial features from that painting? The magnificent, compassionate eye texture in this painting reveal depth of holiness and Divine Love for all. His hair is curly and dark; his eye color brown, as might have who was born in Israel. His face is radiant and loving, and for ages other artists have conveyed the same holiness - Rembrandt, Titian, Raphael. The face shape is long, but not too narrow. This is the shape of a teacher and guide. The forehead is high, which conveys depth of wisdom. The mouth area is soft and full, which is kindness and affectionate. What a great personal witness the painting Hoffman gave us in the beautiful face of Christ. Full of Divine Love and Blessings for the world.
May your own holiday season be filled with this Divine Love, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, or following another spiritual way.
Blessings, Barbara

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

2020 President: Who will WIN?


The Presidential Race: 
The intuitive prediction I have about Kamala being President (Biden winning, and her taking over for him when he can't finish the 4 years) was met with very divided comments (some of you surprisingly negative), so this time, I'm going to explain my intuition. I'll leave this post on for a few days.....
When Clinton was Inagurated I was featured on Morning TV NEWS and was asked about his future. I've been doing Face Reading for the last 35 years as many of you know...(been featured on 75 national/local TV/radio shows, have 1 1/2 million people following my TV shows on, have worked with the Navy, Fortune 500, UCSD, etc.)....and I said, "He will be a soft President (not dynamic like Kennedy). However, at SOME point in his presidency, Clinton will try to manipulate the American public. The public will turn on him, and he won't like it." Enter Monica Lewinsky years later...(I got this from looking at the LEFT side of his face which was his true nature, not his public side.)
When past President Obama was a young politician (no experience), I looked closely at his face, and he had a face of Destiny...and I knew he would be President one day. 
When I see Kamala I feel the same deep response in my heart that I did with Obama (when he was young.) That's how I'm coming to my intuitive insight. It is not by watching politics.....🙂 Barbara

Monday, September 21, 2020

Face Reading.... BEAUTY


A friend sent this:
Beautiful is that face in which every change of thought, feeling and action can be noticed. In spite of the continual changes of facial expression, there are traits in such a face which remain the same. Such a face is an expression of a noble and elevated soul. Beautiful is that person whose face you can read. The beautiful face manifests everything that lies hidden in the soul. Beautiful is the face on which God writes, while the human being maintains the purity of what is inscribed.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Current Client comments on Reading....


Hi Barbara,
Thank you for the insightful reading. You have quite a gift.
It was lovely meeting you. The preciseness of your reading is quite amazing and helpful in that I feel affirmed in being who I am in this moment. I've been through many things and nobody noticed. You, however, noticed.
With affection and care,
John (from Dubai)

Friday, March 27, 2020

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Affirmation on FEARLESSNESS

I am Fearless.
I am made of the substance of God.
I am a Spark of the Fire of Spirit.
I am an atom of the Cosmic Flame.
I am a cell of the vast Universal Body of the Father.
I and my Father are One.